Seti-Menhotep…Traveler, Chieftan of the tribes that populate the stars in the constellation of Orion. Wielding an ancient staff that grants him great powers over the dimensional plane, he brings justice to the Osiris system…

Well done,
try paint it

Hi Extra
Pyramidalissimo :cool:
Have happy Zbrushing!

Thanks guys! I wish this was higher detail, there’s so much to see in the details…sometimes my images are compressed without loss, and sometimes they look all blurry like this. Oh well! Time for the next image!

Nice work! i really like the added touch of the color beads! excellent modeling! and great use of various shapes! keep posting!


Very nice work! :+1: I’ve always wondered… when people release pictures of highly detailed models with only one color, do they create these models in single color, or do they remove all the colors prior to release?

I mean, at least I would find it very difficult to color the above picture afterwards… unless there was a mad amount of layers.

How did you create this model? Is it a huge bunch of multi-marked objects or just pixols? Are there multiple layers or just one?

I want to know, because this is the reason I’m afraid to start working on anything bigger on ZBrush. :o

Hi Ska
All methods are possible if you have complet version !
You see some examples all days on this forum :slight_smile:
As you can save any part, you can you concentrate on each !
The only problem is : modeling for animation or for painting !
Bon courage :slight_smile:

Skaven, This particular image was done in about 8 layers. I could’ve done it in one, but I wanted to go back later and colorize it. This image is all Pixols, but after I modeled the parts, I saved them as Ztools in various folders according to their “anatomy”. If I felt like it, I could go back and recreate this scene from any perspective by individually placing each one of the parts. Sort of like building a model from a kit. I used to build models as a kid (who didn’t?) so I don’t mind that part. I’ve made multimarker models before, but the PC I’m on doesn’t handle them very well, so I’ve decided to work in Pixols. If you feel so inclined, go ahead and take a look at my gallery and go to the topics of “give em the boot!” and “Matador’s Nightmare.” In the boot post, I talk about Multi-markers and Aurick responds with some insights, and in the Minotaur picture, you can see an image that was completed exactly like this one, but each piece of the model was individually hand painted as it was assembled. I hope this helps and thanks for your interest.

Thanks for the tip-offs. I guess I’m just having a hard time getting back into ZBrush after such a long break. :slight_smile:

Great model :+1: :+1:


beautiful model-wonderful details-excellent work.even without any coloring it is handsome. :+1: way up!

very nice, cant wait to see it painted

i agree with everyone here - absolutely wonderful job! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you all for your kind “perspectives.” I’ll post this again when it’s colorized and I’ve made a background. (One of the benefits of working in layers.) Peace. Extra.

You have made a great job of the model, the detail is excellent. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

This is fantastic work so far! I’m really looking forward to seeing this with textures and materials!
Great work!
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very extra ordinary design, i like that very much.