serge chalange WIP

here is my work for sergechalange …still in progresse …
hope ill be done soon .


ZBrush Document.jpg

wip 3.jpeg

Excellent work !
See the next step !

thank you veru much

Hey man this is coming along great! very nice and clean! :slight_smile:

So this is the final Image for serge 3d conteset on FB …
HopE u u like it …cretic are very welcom
enjoy /°

zbrush + photosop

e girl low 12.jpeg

e girl low 320.jpeg


e girl low 1.jpeg

e girl low 3.jpeg

e girl low 32.jpeg


1st time traying the fiber mesh
hope it’s good enought and …cretics are welcom

test fm.jpg

Cool, I like the PAINTED look of the final image.


i wasn’t satisfied with my first attempt so i did some change to the model and here is the result

another shoot with some modification

e-girl (0-00-06-08) 2.jpg