Selling ZBrush 2021

Hello evreyone. Im thinking about to sell my zBrush License. I have bought zBrush 2018 and i didntt use it since a long time. Now i want to sell it because i dont need it. I just upgrade it for free to 2021. Im from Austria Europe, is it legally and how can i do it?

Thanks for your support!

Greetings Markus

Hello @Markus_Platter

This Support article addresses license transfers.

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Thank you!!!
But is it also possible to change the email to the buyers one and the password.
So the buyer can use it as its own Account?

Thank you

This would be done as part of the License Transfer process if you qualify. When you’re ready to initiate the transfer, contact Pixologic Support and start a Conversation. You’ll receive further instructions at that time.

Ok, thank you very much for your help.

You’re welcome! Please contact Pixologic Support directly for any questions related to license transfer. If you are uncertain if you qualify, it would be best to do this before attempting to sell your license.

Good luck!