Self portrait (WIP)

Ok well to get into the flow of Zbrush 3 I thought I’d try making myself, I know pretty boring but I just wanted to try out some of the new tools.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to add all the fine detail and maybe even textur e it.

Loving Zbrush3 so far. My only problem at the moment is that if I zoom in to far eveything goes really low res, am I doing something wrong?

Pete B



Ok haven’t had much time on this this week…well I spent most of my spare time trying to figure out the Zbrush 3 tutorials :slight_smile:

I’ve just done a really quick test just to see what the model will look like using Lightwaves new radiosity. It’s still really early stages as I haven’t put anything on there except a really rushed texture and a quick B/W version for the spec map. There’s also no eyes so a bit creepy.

I stuck some hair from a photo just so it wasn’t bald and also covered up the white un-textured bit.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll get time to redo the texture properly and actually finish all the displacement as at the moment the only part that I started to detail was the lips. everything else is till lacking skin pores and other similar types of details.

Pete B



nice work fizzy - thats some fine subtle modelling you’ve got going on there…easy to be overlooked amongst the wrinklefest. shame you only posted a thumbnail.it seems a very real,particular person already.


It’s coming along nicely Fizzy.

oh, and you should get out there and tidy your back garden…

As far as I know, your problem can be solved by hitting the # “0” on your keyboard to set your canvas back to “Actual”…or by clicking the “Actual x1” icon on the right side of the canvas.

PS. Work looks like a great start so far! Keep going!

i’ve had the same problem with zooming the tool sometimes- it starts off zooming the tool - then suddenly it turns to zooming the screen and the pixols are huge- i think its a bug.

Hey thanks for the comments guys.

Herdman, ha ha, thanks man, I did actually think “my Garden really needs a tidy” but hey you should see the state of my house…I blame all this time in Zbrush3.

I’ve also had the problem of Zbrush zooming right in and filling the canvas. It is solvable apparently somewhere in the prefererences but I can’t remember where.

I’ll try and get an update tonight…maybe with some eyes as at the moment it looks like a scene from 28 days later.

Pete B

Well I spent Friday evening adding the finer details to the head. I wanted to finish of the texturing but I can’t get projection Master to work. I would use the new colourize mode but unfortunatly I went into HD mode to early so haven’t got enough base polys.

Think I’m going to have to wait till Zapp is released.

Love the red wax shader with shadows so I thought I’d try out some of my older models with it. The guy changing into a werewolf is still a wip and something i’ve been meaning to return to for a long time, hopefully in the next few weeks.

Pete B