Self Portrait challenge

I thought it would be fun to suggest an on going self portrait gallery.
It was always a pleasure to see forum members photographs of themselves in the past.

I know many people have already attempted self portraits and it would be great to collect them all together.

Be as imaginative as you want - it could even be your portrait in the form of an animal - as a baby - in costume - whatever you wish.

Great idea…I’m in. Might take awhile, tho. Is there a time limit? I know you said ongoing, so I assume the answer is no.

Ok Boozie, i think the first images were a bit distracting from the true theme of the challenge so i removed em. here’s caricature of me i did about three years ago, the bace mesh was modeled in cinema and then it was zbrush for sculpting, textureing, final tweeks done in photoshop.


Steve 8)

Me with the shakes.
Thanks handlebar for kicking things off!! Reducing yourself to primitives and basic zbrush tools is a great approach.
Slosh - no deadlines… as and when.

Well i’ve been practicing some aspects of 3d graphcis today such as modelling faces and clothing, and i thought i’d put up this test i did of tryign to model my own face. It is unfinished as i have not learned how to do hair at all yet so that will probably be the next step after fine tuning this; i am actually working on another project right now to start up a portfolio of work so this may not be finished very quickly but i will tinker around with it when i get the time.

Anyways tell me what you guys think, i only just leaned a lot of what went into this so its still pretty rusty, and i know the detail on the eyes (iris and pupils) is too big.


any tips on doing hair/eyebrows/eyelashes?

critisism encouraged!



Ceriph: Very precise yet subtly charicatured nose and mouth. Apart from what you already know is wrong with the eyes I think they need to be slightly further apart and more downwards slanted on the outer corners. A higher and wider cranium is also needed. Hard to say with your hair being in the way, but I’m guessing the temple area should be more concave.

first attempt gawping in the mirror - I fizzled out around the ears and lost interest at staring at my own fizog.


First, let me thank (sarcastically) boozy for making me look at myself WAY more than I ever wanted to…

Anyway, I worked on this for several hours, started from a base mesh I made in Lightwave. After the several hours, I realized the improvements were not good after the 4th or 5th draft, so I am posting the second draft, which I think looks enough like me to continue with it from there. The others were way overworked. Don’t like me without hair or my skin. Gotta remedy that as soon as possible.

Very difficult to model with the crappy pictures I got from my digital camera, but these were taken tonight specifically for this project.


Great work folks, it’s gonna be a fun thead to follow.

Steve 8)

nose needs to be a little asymmetric and narrower, i think. other than that going pretty nice.

I tried to texture myself as best as possible. I used spray stroke with skin samples mainly. I don’t have any hi res pix of myself, so I couldn’t use my own skin texture, but this is pretty darn good, I think.

I don’t like the eyes, but they are very difficult anyway so I’m not too hard on myself.


Slosh - s’coming along - i’d certainly recognize it as you from the photos.:+1:

      Even though my macabre self portrait:) is stylised it's interesting comparing how  a person observes when only looking into the mirror as compared to working from photographs and especially how an emotive response controls how you see. The fact that I't was late and I was knackered has certainly effected how I've portrayed myself in this grim little image - had I been working from sketches I probably would have maintained a geater editorial control over the outcome.

I noticed that when I was creating this I also touched my face and in many ways this is how my face feels to my hand.

I’d be interested when you’ve finished this if you created another version without using photography but still using your base mesh as a starting point - how would it turn out?. (strokes chin and ponders)

   Indeed it seems you can learn alot about the creative process from starring yourself in the chops. Although I wouldn't like to make a habit of it.:)

Handlebar - I love your self portrait - are you in the nude sir by any chance?

Ceriph - great start :+1:- you have a much kinder face than your representing and again it’s interesting how emotions and self image kick in.


ps:the link for my photo befor plastic surgery:D



New to Zbrush, do I have to do it entirely in ZB? I can, just wondering if I have to. lol.

Andreseloy thanks for jumping in fella:)

Here’s another go at moi - this time more like it.
One gets a stronger sense of the limited scottish genepool with this attempt.
My last foray was way to greek god:lol:
Hope more of you give it a go


Wow mario this new model is soo close to bullseye. wonderful work from all you on the thread. Boozy I really like that second one. Slosh and Ceriph those are pretty dang good also. Handlebar yours is my favorite. wonderful caricature. I would post one also but I think the forum has seen more than enough of my ugly visage :smiley: 5 stars for you all:+1:

Tartan I must agree with you - Handlebar has managed to create not only a self portrait but also an image that is interesting in it’s own right - and when it comes to self portraits or even portraits that is not easy.

If you compared two portrait photographs one of “Joe Bloggs” the other Pablo Piccasso it’s obvious that your eye would go straight to Pablo Picasso because his fame and status have their own magnetism. Even if the image of Joe Bloggs was the better photograph it wouldn’t hold your attention quite so much nor or be fused with the same attraction or power.

History is littered with portraits of once famous people created with superb skill that no longer hold any interest to the contempory viewer. No - it seems for a self portrait or portrait to have any lasting magnetism is must reflect back more than a representation but hold some other magic or contain an essence of humanity that we can all relate too.

Look forward to see whether others can crack that nut.

wow, I see some amazing work here already…did you have them laying around?

I know this is going to be hard, because it requires a keen and precise eye and a lot of concentration…might have to open up an extra can of that spinage… :smiley:

It may take some time though, I seem to have sprained my hand/arm a bit over the last few weeks, but as it is an ongoing challenge I will take my time :wink:

great idea boozy, chapeau.

as you can appreciate im very generous with my self!!! very subjetive:D
seriously very difficult to get decent result:lol:
mario blanco_benevolente.jpg