Selection Brushes not working on specific Subtool

Still consider myself a little new to ZBrush, but I’ve been working on a model, and recently encountered a problem with the selection brushes (Select Rect, Select Lasso.)

They seem to work fine on all of my other subtools, but when I get to the “Boots” subtool, and drag my selection area over the part of the mesh that I want to show or hide, nothing is happening at all.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what I did to this specific subtool to keep Select Rect from working, though I’m willing to bet that it is user error.

Is it possible that some action I previously performed is keeping Select Rect from working? Did I accidentally toggle something on that I can toggle back off? Is the tool just being buggy?

Any ideas?

HI @Pyrapon ,

Many things are possible, but we’d need more information to speculate. If you can’t sort out the problem, please contact Support and provide the file for examination.

A couple common possible problems:

  1. You have overlapping geometry or you are not looking at the subtool you think you are. Be sure to select the problem subtool and enter Solo mode. The Solo mode button is on the bottom right corner of the default UI viewport, or located in the Transform menu. This will make only the selected subtool visible, so overlapping geometry from other subtools cannot interfere. It is possible that identical or overlapping geometry in another subtool is making it appear as if nothing is happening in the active subtool.

  2. Be sure to disable symmetry. Make sure it is disabled in the Transform menu. Mesh visibility functions with the selection marquee are affected by this feature, and a Symmetry conflict across the center line can result in making it appear as if nothing is happening.

An example: If you happen to have two symmetrical mirrored boots as you do in the DemoSoldier.zpr, and X symmetry is active, nothing will happen if you draw a selection marquee over just one of the boots to hide it. The same operation is getting mirrored on the other side resulting in no geometry being hidden.