Seeking suggestions to improve my weapon!

Hello all…Im fairly new to zbrush (like 3 days) old to creating.I made this as part of a greater WIP. Can some or you give me some tips on how to make this more realistic? It was modeled out of Zspheres and I have the tool saved.Thanks in advance!





What’s that?

^^well it is meant to be a rusted and beat old machete, And thats exactly y I need help asap! lmao! whats that is never a good reply! its a bit pixalated it looks like and not smooth at all, I need sum technical tweaks and critique processes that I can do to make it better…lol

Well post hte zsphere’s at least so we can see them, also fill us in on the Adpative settings, level and anything else you have checked or not checked in that panel. Should be simple to solve. :wink:

You will find some good learning resources here -


Going through the Practical Guide will make learning much faster for you. Lots of helpful people here as well. You can post images directly to this board. Post screen shots and its easier to help you. Just click the “Upload Image or File” button when posting and it is self explanatory.

Also lots of help here -
and you should post most questions here -
For technical questions that you can not find the answer too, use the last linked thread and if no one else can help the moderator will usually respond within a day.

Its funny Jason and Blaine because I am following one-Jasons videos to create my projects,settings and all! and 2-the practical guide I also have and am doing step by step also. Zspheres alot of the times are unpredictable. I think two things that I may be struggling with is learning sculpting better,and what seetings I should utilize when I am trying to do something…

The videos and tutorials are base learning but unless you are doing some art similar to whatever tut. you are using,its hard to know what will do what! …lol…Also…im trying to work the project as much as I can in 3D so I can get a whole model done,the 2D art is very limited and in that case,I would just use photoshop…thanx 4 the responses!

Jason the adaptive settings are- Density-3, Ires-1, MC/MP-on,mostly like in your videos settings…but Im not getting the same results as your amazing work. something else I may be doing wrong…or not doing…

the zspheres;





Sorry Blaine,Im a total noob to this forum as well as ZB but Im beginning to see how things flow round here!:smiley: different atmosphere than alot of forums ive been too…excuse my noobatude!..just so you guys know ahead of time I will be posting in the questions section quite often till I get some work worthy to post here…:lol:
some imgs to assist of possible probs…I may have to start over to get the results I desire but dont want to make more mistakes again in the process…
NEW NOTE I did some EXTENSIVE searching of the forums and found a WEALTH of NEW info,tuts and vids through all of the countless threads and found out I AM DOING EVERYTHING WRONG! I am going to discard all work and start anew and experiement a little to get amore desired result!





it looks like an inky pen and a letter opener all in the same thing, its not a weapon… try to look at some reference before you are trying to create the wheel all over again. cheers.

Perhaps this will help. Zspheres are very controllable, but you do have to get a grasp on how they interact with each other. I’ve tried to play a bit in this script to help you understand. I’ve also done some masking techniques to show how to achieve detail, etc… Please Note: I did not store a morph as I had not intended to pose this, but you could do both.

Let mem know if it helps in any way. Or doesn’t. :wink:

Arrrrrr I can;t find it quickly… But there is a thread somewhere where Malikus the Black is making his sword using box modeling. THAT would be the solution.
ZSPhere’s are not the ideal approach when it comes to ‘technical’ stuff. Except for the good old rubber knife lolz.

Thanks for all the imput guys! I have all references to get the pictures sculpted,however, me being unfamiliar completely as of yet to how to manipulate the tools well vs. the desire to jump right in and be a master mucks things up!..lol…:mad: :smiley: …but i think a big part of the solution…well 2 things…is when doing a sharp and flat object like this,and using zspheres to keep it 3d, I have to bring the density to its lowest point and manip a bit with masking and flatten…because spheres are round and soft by their nature…

Secondly…the vids i was using to learn at first only showed artists doing a few processes of modeling,not the entire process,settings and all (till I found the new ones last night)…then they were time lapsed and i couldnt keep up and retain what they were doin because they were goin so fast! …lmao…but it may take me a week to get on da road, I think i have the training tools and understanding now needed…thanx…will be in touch!

Jason…Thanx 4 showing me how to fish!!! much appreciated!..and fin that dragon! anxious to see him painted!!!

…p.s… warpy, you never jammed a pen/ink opener into anyones throat or eyes?!..of course its a weapon!!!:lol: