see what happens when you go to a users meeting

Hi all, I went to the ZBrush users meeting the other day at Gnomon. It inspired me to play around with the old ZBrush some and this is what happened. ZBrush and photoshop

This is wonderful MM. I really like the expression on the woodman? s face and the varying woodtones. :+1:

I really like how the bottom of the image looks like water and your getting a perspective view going on there.

I have to add, if you cut the image off at the top just a little below what looks like the teeth of this weird creation. it leaves a nice pentagram. :evil: :+1:

Must have been quite a Meeting when it inspired to this Artwork:D.
Nice mirroring! I totaly forgot that technique. Aurick made a great tut for that… I must look it up. Lost it out of sight. Works great with fancy geometric stuff, but you have to be a MonsterMaker to use it for Gigeresque Art.

Very Giger indeed! Makes me wish I’d been there (but alas being in the wrong country stops me). I’d love to see a higher res of this if you have one. I don’t think you could have made an image more different in style to your last one if you’d tried for a bet! The more I look at it the more I like it. (which is alot)
5 Stars.


Wow! Lots of respect for you MonsterMaker! What a great desing and composition!
It’s good to have great artist and inspiring people like you sharing your time, to show us your work and to give us advices. Very appreciated.


hehe looks kewl :wink:

Got to love how you “used the whole page” so to speak.

I also like the various sinister little faces throughout it.

This looks AWESOME. Nice work. Looks like Christ. If thats what Christ looked like.

They Had Drugs There?:smiley:

Awesome! :+1:

looks cool…a self-portrait of sorts?:smiley:

with the old ZBrush

Is there a younger? Like “Brueghel the old”, “Brueghel the jounger” :smiley:

Metal, wood and roots, a few inch of water and feeble light… It’s a very striking painting, because the details are revealing as we watch closely the paint, making us slowly realise what you want to tell us. Great art !

How much time to paint it ?

I don’t know what happened there, but it must have been quite a meeting to make you paint this one ! :lol:

Bye !

Very cool composition MM :slight_smile:
I saw some people talking about Giger but the central face reminds me more Dali than Giger. I think your influence come from both of them :wink:
One thing you can try is to use a different shader and light setup to render your scenes. You have some very cool stuff coming all the time but you are losing a lot of details because of your shading/lighting. The render looks “flat” and your work deserves more than this :slight_smile:
I attached a light setup that can help you to render your work with better lighting. I also attached a “softshader” based on the great Sokar’s skin shader. You can tweak the shader colors to fit better your needs. Even if you nedd it more metallic, you can just add more reflections and tweak the specular but using the same shader as base. This shader will add a “soft” look, simulating some kind of global ilumination to your work. Give it a try rendering something you already have with this light and shader. I hope you enjoy it.


ps.: thanks again for coming to the meeting :+1:

Interesting… So we can conclude that Zbrush meetings are godd for plants growth?


Darth ,I don’t have a higher res version but I’ll post this closer cropped version. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, this started out, as many of the things that I do in ZBrush as just kind of a Zdoodle , by that I mean no real plan or design. Which I think is kind of evident when you look at this busy mess. I just wanted to try something that Antropus showed at the meeting , using a depth grab as an alpha channel in PS. so I quickly just grabbed at random some old tools and randomly placed them on the canvas exported the depth grab and image to PS. Then started playing with it in PS and this jumbled up mess is the results of a few free hours to kill.
Antropus thanks for the shader and light, you really love that Sokar shader don’t you.
Davlin, I would like to know what I am trying to tell you
Frenchy, Old ZBrush means its not 2.5 when the heck is that coming out?
Bick39, That cracked me up. They did have beer and pizza though
Oh man I’m late for work, thanks everyone


Wow, very nice piece Mr. Baker :+1: :+1: :+1:

I can also see some Beksinski influence. No?