Seated Victoria, Throwing a Wreath

Zbrush sculpting.
The actual statue made by Christian Daniel Rauch in 1836 - 1845.


Nice work, I took a photo of that statue, back in the 1990s at the Nationalgalerie, in Berlin.


Beautifully executed! The cloth folds feel natural. :clap:

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Questa è una sinfonia per i miei occhi… complimenti !

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Thank you, guys!:smile:

@decimate Nice photo!


I want to buy this one 3d model . [email protected]

Great study! would love to see more angles :sunglasses: :+1: :star:!!

I want to buy this one 3d model . [email protected]

我想买这个 3d 模型。[email protected]]

That looks so close to the original, wow great work.

I want to buy these 3d model. Can you give me more information via [email protected], or share me the online link that I can buy directly from that page?

Is this model available to purchase? This sculpture was displayed at the Great Exhibition. I am creating a VR simulation of the exhibition, so am looking for a model of it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA-_xnPePiDJkZAC0aF8Va5fdajVaI_Z1