Searching for a brush which is twisting or rotating a surface while moving it

A good example would be a mouth in a neutral shape. You want to make it smile and while moving up the corners of the mouth you also want to rotate the geometry slightly with the corners of the mouth rotating a little towards the nose (with a falloff). Is there a brush I can use in such a way?
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Hello @Ayalaheiner

There are several “twist” style brushes included with ZBrush. Remember that you can reduce the intensity for a slower, more controlled twist, and sculptris pro mode may also help to prevent poly stretching.

Check out:

Spiral Brush
Cloth Twister -intended for use with Dynamics
Groom Twister -intended for use with fibermesh.

:bulb: You can give any brush a “twisting” quality by increasing the Twist Rate value in the Brush Palette.