sdiv 6?

Hey guys.

I am new to Zbrush. I am using Zbrush 3.1 and I am following a tutorial. In that tutorial I have to get sdiv to 6, but I can only go to 4 at max. So please help me!!!

I am not sure what tutorial you are watching, but in general the number of the sub division levels is not important. The amount of polys required for what you are trying to accomplish is.

Here is an example. you start off with a mesh that is 30,000 polys. Every time you sub divide your polygon count gets quadrupled. So at sub d level 6 that mesh would be 122,880,000 polys. That is a lot, way more than zbrush can currently handle.

But sub d level six on a mesh that s 2 polys would only be 8,192 polys.

Anyway, so to answer your question. To get to level 6. Either start with a lower polygon count. Or get a faster computer. But you have to ask yourself. Why are you trying to get to sub d level 6 in the first place? you might be totally fine at 3 or 4.

Wow, thank u so much!!!

I was trying to get it to sdiv to 6 because I have to c the amount of differences in the tutorial. That way, I can c better on what has changed on my mesh, at least that’s what the guy on the tutorial says. I appreciate a lot of ur help, but I already know how I can change the sdiv to 6, I did that by changing the density level.

However, ur post leads me to more questions, which is a good thing. My first q is, how can u c how much polygons u have got? I mean, counting them is impossible lol

My second q is, how do u come to those numbers? Like if u have 30.000 polys and u the sdiv set on 6, how can u get 122.880.000 polys?

I have little to no knowledge about 3d programms, so if I am just talking bull****, please say so.

Please, help me, I wanna learn more stuff.

Also, sorry for my bad, bad English.

If you just hover your mouse over your tool in the tool palate it will tell you how my polys your mesh is, everytime you subdivide the mesh that number will change.

Every time you subdivide it quadruples the polygon count. So to find out how many polys you can get to on your mesh, take the current polygon count and times it by four. Every time you times the polygon count by four you are moving up a sub division level.

So 30,000 x4 = 120,000 x4 = 480,000 x4 = 1,920,000 x4 = 7,680,000 x4 = 30,720,000 x4 = 122,880,000

Wow, thank u sooooo much. I really appriciate ur help.