Sculptural Pendant with Relief of the mythical Sisyphus. Custom Jewelry Design

Sculptural pendant with the relief of the mythical Sisyphus.

It was a great project in which I wanted to show Sisyphus as a strong and handsome man,
as befits a true king.
So it turned out to be not just a pendant, but a real work of art with an author’s vision.

I made it to order “Hunks of Metal”

…below are quick renders of the sculpted model from the ZBrush workspace with more details…

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Man, that sculptural pendant of Sisyphus you crafted sounds like an absolute masterpiece! It’s amazing how you captured the essence of Sisyphus as a powerful and regal figure, truly befitting of a king. I can only imagine the level of detail and creativity that went into bringing your vision to life.

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I’m really impressed by your decision to go the custom route with “Hunks of Metal.” It’s clear that you’re dedicated to creating truly unique and personalized pieces. I can’t wait to see those renders from the ZBrush workspace - I bet they’re going to be mind-blowing!
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Thank you so much for such a nice comment!
Yeah, it’s true, I really experience each of my sculptures, investing a part of my soul into it.