Sculptris to ZBrush Workflow

Two years ago, I downloaded a 30-day trial of ZBrush 4 (I believe R1) and tried to learn everything I could about it within that short time. Prior to that, I had used Sculptris. Since Dynamesh hadn’t yet come to ZBrush, it was quite an adjustment at first, but I was still obsessed with ZBrush.

It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I was able to get some to come back to ZBrush, so I finally purchased it and was even more obsessed than before trying to learn everything I could. The features that have been added since R1 are astounding and this community is mind-blowing, but I still appreciate how the dynanmic tessellation found in Sculptris allows me to quickly sculpt a figure. And if I make plenty of separate shapes for each part of the body, each one is like a sub-tool in ZBrush, but I can shift-click to select multiple shapes and move them together, which is very helpful for posing a figure.

I’d love to hear from others who use Sculptris in their ZBrush workflow.
I learned a lot from all of you who post to this site and elsewhere, so thank you!

Here’s my first (almost complete) real project in ZBrush, starting with Sculptris…

Sculptris Phase:

ZBrush Phase:

Not Quite Finished, but thinking it’s time to start something new with everything I learned in this process…



ZBrush - First Stages.jpg

ZBrush - Later Stages.jpg

60s Mod-Inspired Figure 1.jpg

60s Mod-Inspired Figure 2.jpg

60s Mod-Inspired Figure 3.jpg