Sculptris TextureMap UV's don't map correctly


I have created some texture maps for a simple cube. The cube was first created and UV’d in Blender.

When I import my texture maps created in Sculptris into either Blender or Unity they don’t map correctly to the object UV’s.

The texture is very simple, the top edges have some greenery (grass) which extends over the edge and onto the sides , but when I use the map on my object the sides are not mapped properly to the correct faces which they were painted onto in Sculptris.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Not sure why that is happening. Are you just exporting the texture from Sculptris? If that’s the case, I’d try exporting the .obj from the Sculptris paint area and try using that version. Or try just exporting the .obj from Blender, open it up in Sculptris and let it do it’s auto UV when you hit the paint button (yeah it isn’t pretty to look at, but it seems to work).

So far, I haven’t had any texture issues when rendering with Blender, just a few viewport issues when I add in the bump map.