Sculpting Sculpture !!!

Hello Everyone

In my free time I am working on a sculpture…
Here I have finished the Head…though the basic sculpture is done but i will post it soon when body is done

Here I am attaching images of the head which is i will say complete …

Here I did render in Zbrush and did comping in Photoshop

Here is another render of it…

Hope will like it
Rest part of the sculpture will upload soon

Thanks for your time
Looking forward to your comments and criticism

Best regards




wonderful, expressive! not so fond of the eyelashes, too thick. but everything else is superb. looking forward to the rest!

Thank you so much for your comment @kokoro

Yes in final version i will make the eyelash a bit thinner…

Thank you once again

Some of the skin direction is wrong - noticeable in the cheek under the eye on the right side of the screen, but nice work.

Thank you so much for your feedback…Yes you are right…actually i haven’t use symmetry…so that right side while doing i overlooked it…In my next post it will be proper :slight_smile: Thank you once again @ Teyon

Interesting face – the features are great! I like the nose, especially.

Natural looking noses aren’t so easy to do, for me anyway. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @ jan19


Here I have added the hair on this head…So sharing another image

Soon will Upload the image of the entire sculpture…

Thank you once again

Best Regards

Wow! I was sure it was a male WIP, but with these hairs it appears to be a woman!
Wait, it’s a man!
I’ve got all confused with all these new European trans-gender trends…

hahahaha…@ Paul Marx Well this is a female head …and after my next post your confusion will not be there anyway …thanks for your reply…

Hello Everyone

Finally got some time to finish the body… Here you can check the render of it…

Front :

Back :

I am making this a sculpture…so I have a plan for the pedestal also…which I will upload soon here…

So final image with everything I will upload soon

Looking forward your comment and criticism
Thank you
Best Regards


I will say it is done now…here I have uploaded final render of it also attached the turnaround of it


Hope will like it

Thank you
Best Regards

Hello Guys…

Here is did one quick work while practicing the Keyshot…

I have seen one image in internet and loved it…then just tried to make something like that…

Here what I did Model and texture in Zbrush First…

Then I have taken render from Keyshot


Then I have done the compositing in Photoshop

First Version

Second Version


Hope will like it…
Looking forward to hear your comment and criticism

Best Regards

I have no criticism, I love it!

Thank you so much @MealeaYing


2nd May is the birthday of Legend Satyajit Ray…On his birthday i decided to make one quick sculpt on him

Here I have uploaded which I did…Hope will like it

Rendered From Zbrush

Rendered From Keyshot


Looking forward to hear your Comment and Criticism

Thank you

Good work! Nice detail!:+1:

amazing work

Thank you so much for your appreciation :slight_smile: @ WhiteStone & mitviz


My Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore on his Birthday…

Did a quick sculpt on him

Composed in photoshop


Another Version in BW



Hope will like it

Thank you so much
Looking forward to hear your Comment and Criticism as always

Best Regards