sculpting circle/cursor disappearing

I’ve only had this problem recently and don’t know if it is a setting or not but recently after I’ve sculpted my model around (at the beginning I just use the grab tool) when I try to sculpt in some areas, the cursor shrinks and disappears. It might have something to do with the area I am working on (IE more and smaller polygons in the area) or it could just be a bug. I don’t remember having this problem before but it’s happening a lot now.

If I accidentally pressed something I shouldn’t have or changed an option I shouldn’t have, please let me know. Otherwise, this may be a bug.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

(of mix_mash)

Perhaps you accidentally pushed G and went into global grab mode?

I think I have observed something like this happening if the window size doesn’t match what Sculptris expects. For example, if you’re running a maximized window and change display resolutions between two sessions, it might get confused. It happened to me when changing computers, and reusing the same application directory/files. You could reset the size by double-clicking the title bar to “un-maximize” and then maximize again.

Of course, I’m not really sure if this is actually your problem. Multiple displays could possibly have an effect as well.

No, it has nothing to do with resizing screens or global settings. My work screen is always maximised. The issue occurs with any brush, really. I think it may have something to do with it being a ‘roving’ cursor.

It sometimes happens when the mesh is deformed with some visual ‘overlapping’. But sometimes it occurs in ‘dense’ areas. I don’t remember having the problem with earlier versions (maybe I did but it was a very rare occurrence).

I should point out that the cursor shrinks and disappears only in certain areas but returns to normal in other areas.

I believe that this person had the same problem as well but it was never resolved.

I think it might be a bug or an oversight. I don’t know the exact way the program ‘sees’ the mesh so I can only make guesses.

i am having this problem now… is there anyway to solve it? :frowning: even if i change the whole project into a sphere the circle on the cursor is still not there…and the bigger problem is. nothings working with ny of the sculpt tools…:cry:

I got around this issue by creating a new document and dragging on the screen to load my subtools back in, then clicking edit mode.

after that it was working as normal.

so perhaps the issue is linked to document sizes, i still haven’t figured out why it happens but it happens sometimes to me.

NEASNESLO: I think you are referring to Sculptris Pro, IE within Zbrush, but I started this thread AGES ago and it was for the original Sculptris program. In my experience of using Sculptris Pro, I have not come across this issue but, then again, I haven’t used it that much recently.

Thanks for your input, though, and I am glad you seemed to have dealt with the issue. This will be a very valuable piece of information for others using Sculptris Pro should they come across the issue.