Sculpting cars in zbrush

I’m an automotive designer at one of the OEM’s in metro Detroit. David Bentley’s work has really shed light on the possibilities of using zbrush in our industry. The hard-surface tool-set has constantly improved, making it ever more appealing in our early development / conceptual stages. In the future I’d love to see zbrush’s hard surface tool-set evolve. . . maybe a tool that could ‘sweep’ a user defined section/curve along another curve. In the automotive clay modeling biz, this is called a “drag”. But there are many many automotive sculpting concepts that could be successfully copied in zbrush. Anyways, here is an image one of my recent zbrush models – I’m still trying to get a handle on it and develop a good workflow. - Carstylus



nice work !!! glad to see ZB used this way !! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Welcome to the forum! Man oh man…You are in for a slew of “Wow! How’d you do that?!” posts…Mine is the first. Beautiful model, awesome render. Could you post some images of the model and it’s parts? What renderer did you
use? Hard surfaces do not come naturally to me. I love seeing more examples being posted.

just awsome :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:.

but i have a question,
you mentioned here a technique caled “drag”:
" maybe a tool that could ‘sweep’ a user defined section/curve along another curve. In the automotive clay modeling biz, this is called a “drag”."
can you please explane somting more about it.

I also like to work with hardsurfaces so i try to learn what i can.

That’s fantastic. I love that you were able to do this in Z. Very cool. BTW your design of that car is outstanding too.


WOW, sweet. Was this rendered in ZBrush?

Whoo, impressive !!
Would you mind sharing other point of views and/or ZBrush screenshots ? You model deserves more exposure :slight_smile:

Wow, this is very exciting to see!!!

You are kidding, aren’t you? That’s amazing work, really amazing.

No, I’m not kidding. I’m really new at Z. The model isn’t as good as the rendering. That image is highly retouched and refined in Photoshop. The model was simply used as a base for the rendering. Here are few images of the “real”.

screenshots_0000_Layer 3.jpgscreenshots_0001_Layer 2.jpgscreenshots_0002_Layer 1.jpg

No, I rendered the base image in Bunkspeed “Drive” . . . but the image was so painted over, (I simply used the rendering package to “find” realistic reflection patterns), it really didn’t matter what rendering software I used.

So if I understand correctly, things like the gaps between the panels were part of the textures, rather than sculpted detail?

Yes and No. The panel lines, taillamp, and wheels etc., are all 2D. They were painted on in post. . . . after the image was generated in Bunkspeed Drive. They are not, however, UV texture maps (not sure if I’m using the correct terminology)

Sounds like a tremendously efficient workflow - given one is proficient enough in Photoshop to quickly heal all imperfections and to fill in the blanks.
Thanks for posting!

That’s impressive, very impressive.

I have been preaching that Zbrush would be the next big thing in Trans. I am also in design at an OEM, would love to share thought with you sometime.

car20_screenshots_0000s_0004_Layer 34.jpgcar20_screenshots_0000s_0003_Layer 35.jpg





I agree, I think that it could be a valuable tool in a design studio instead of the usual photoshop to Alias route, especially for interiors
I work in automotive design in the UK and have been trying to introduce zbrush for some time, but unfortunately I’m not skilled enough to demo it convincingly.

Keep up the transport modelling.

The few who see the benefit of zbrush, see interior design as the obvious application. As you’ve mentioned, one has to be skilled enough to demo it convincingly to sell it. To that end, I’ve been dabbling in zbrush for a couple years now. Not consistently however. Recently I’ve been trying to pick up the pace and immerse myself. . . One day, hopefully soon, I’ll be able to REALLY sell it.

You should jump in. I need solidarity!

BTW, I also work in automotive design here in the states.

– Carstylus