Sculptember 2017

Hello! I will post here my quick sculptures for this Sculptember I hope you like this is my first day Kaiju inspired by Japanese monsters like Godzilla





Hello! for Day 02 I made a cat chef I hope you like it I have to practice in the poses of my characters but that it is the practice :slight_smile:

Today I made a Spaced Octopus inspired by 50´s movies this is a part of my Sculpetmber and I learn live booleans I hope you like it

Hello! Today it is the 04 day and I made a BaguetteSaur inspired by a baguette and a Dinosaur I hope you like it made with ZBrush and Keyshot

Hello! today for the Sculptember 2017 I practice hardsurface in ZBrush I enjoy doing this project if you known a good video about hardsurface and zmodeler in zbrush please let me known

Hello! for the Day 06 for the Sculpetmber 2017 I made an Evil Mushroom concept by NikinZes

Day 07 a Dogu a mysterious doll from Japan

Day 08 a Hood Cat from concept art from a video game about The Wizard Of OZ for the NDS today I practice a little bit of painting


Day 09 a Spaced Snake I start with random shapes and I finish with this I hope you like it

Day 10 Mirabelle concept art by ToyzNtheattic today was a great practice I am happy with the result :slight_smile: I would like to print this piece

another day for the sculptember

Day 11 Pennywise inspired by Funko Vynil figurines I add some details by myself

Day 12 Sculptember a Frog concept art by Villa is drawing

Day 13 Mimic concept art by Daniel Alonso

Day 14 The Gamer Cat

Day 15 a concept about the game I am working on In-Verse

Day 15 Sculptember 2017 Dexter from Dexter Laboratory concept art by James Boyd

Day 17 Lazlo from Camp Lazlo a cartoon from Cartoon Network #Sculptember2017

Day 18 starting with the spirit of Halloween with Bride of Frankenstein #Sculptember2017

Day 19 Curious Dinosaur another sculpt for the #Sculptember2017 I am looking who made the concept please let me known if you known


Day 20 #Sculptember2017 Max a concept art by Marjorie Pirela