Sculpted growable testes (yes balls) for charity with Zbrush

Zbrush Central, how do you do? I designed a product using Zbrush, half of who’s proceeds go to charity and thought I’d share with the forum.

It’s called “Grow A Pair”- A miniature set of toy testicles that, when placed in a glass of water, swell to 6 times their original size (just like those little dinosaurs). Our kickstarter is here: https://www.kickstarter.<wbr>com/projects/686227199/grow-a-<wbr>pair

Bit of background- While working on a concept for movember, I learned that, while less deadly, testicular cancer is much more frequent and the top cancer for young men 18-35. There’s little awareness probably because people are embarrassed to talk about balls. Big problemo.
As an art director at a creative agency (New Antisocial), myself and a few others put our minds together and came up with a product that would spread the word with laughter while also donating directly to the cause. I sculpted the balls (from memory of course), designed the retro packaging, found a manufacture who could produce the growing toy and Grow A Pair was born! Best of all, we partnered with the Testicular Cancer Society who will be receiving 50% of our profits.

We’ve started a kickstarter campaign to start spreading the word: https://www.kickstarter.<wbr>com/projects/686227199/grow-a-<wbr>pair

[FONT=arial]I would hugely appreciate support from the ZBrush community since, even though it’s a gag gift, it has a great heart and a lot of design effort put into it!

Thanks so much for taking a peek. While these may not be the first time testes have been sculpted using this amazing platform, I hope they are the finest.






GrowAPair_Design2 copy.jpg


LOL I know a few people that need to grow a pair of these

Really fun!! :slight_smile:

Haha - I totally need to stock some of these up as gifts :slight_smile: