Scruffy-Luminous Signet Ring. Sculpted Jewelry Design

“Scruffy-Luminous” Signet Ring. Sculpted Jewelry Design.

Scruffy-Luminous Signet Ring

My main idea was to combine in one piece two different halves, each of which is beautiful in its own way and incredibly boring at the same time, but together they form a wonderful harmony!

Scruffy-Luminous Signet - sculpted jewelry 1
Scruffy-Luminous Signet - sculpted jewelry 2
Scruffy-Luminous Signet - sculpted jewelry 3
Scruffy-Luminous Signet - sculpted jewelry 4
Scruffy-Luminous Signet - sculpted jewelry 5

…I will be grateful for your comments :slight_smile:


nice design

what software render did you used for this ?

Nice design! The finished render looks great. :+1:

Well done. It is quite a challenge to make interesting men’s jewelery that is producible, practical, and comfortable to wear. What is the detail on the shank bottom? The bench jeweler in me would like continuing the smooth side past the 6:oo to 8:00 ish will make sizing the ring much easier.


Thanks for your comments!

For the last couple of years, I’ve been using Blender (Cycles) for 3D rendering.
And where in the images is a 3D model with basic materials - this is, of course, a standard ZBrush render - it allows to show the shape of the 3D model very well.


Thanks for the comment.

I design jewelry mostly only for an individual order or myself. Therefore, I’m primarily concerned about the implementation of my idea, and only then how difficult it will be for a jeweler to do it (although, of course, I am well acquainted with the production of jewelry and I take this into account when creating my 3D models)

From below, the model looks about the same as from above. Only the texture is less pronounced and with a much smoother transition.
But this particular ring is quite simple to manufacture, fits perfectly on the finger, and the texture is not felt at all when worn.