Script to click the eye icon of a subtool, to hide it

Hi , I tried to create a macro by clicking the eye icon of a sub tool, but when I ran the macro it made that tool active instead of hiding it. Is there a macro to just hide a subtool that is visible but not active?


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Hi Susan,

This would be possible but there would need to be some way to tell the macro which subtool to turn off. For example, if it was always the top subtool, or the third, or the bottom one.

You might find that the SubTool Master plugin already has a function you can use. There is an “Invert Visibility” function which turns all subtools off that are on, and all that are on to off. There 's also “Show/Hide” which will show all the subtools when you have only a few showing and then reverse that when you press the button again. There is also a button for turning the Top Subtool off/on.

Thank you, Marcus.