Script to auto reviece .STL file from Fusion360.

Fusion have ability to send .STL to other application(by selecting .exe to send the files)
and ZBrush 3D Printhub plug-in also could import .STL

any method we can make this automatically?
I’m not sure ZScript could work like this or how could we create .exe to recieve file from Fusion and send it to ZBrush 3d printhub script?

I have to import/export so many time a day.
Fusion and ZBrush is the best combination of modeling software.

I may be able to help with this. In the next few days I’ll try and put something together so you can test.

this would be very helpful thankyou so much Marcus.
but mayb if you don’t have a time for this can you give some hint of how we could make this work?
I will try to do it myself.

OK, try this.

Unzip the file and you should find a folder called STLimport. This contains three files:


The folder is not essential but serves to keep the files together. Put it somewhere on your hard drive - such as the Public\Documents\ZBrushData2018\ZPluginData folder. The important thing is the LaunchZBrush.exe needs to be able to write a text file, so depending on your set up you might need to set your antivirus to allow that. The text file will be called “ImportSTL.txt” and will simply have the path to the STL you want to load.

The ZBrush_Path.txt file has the path to ZBrush. I’ve put in the default path but check that this is right for your system.

So what you need to do is launch the LaunchZBrush.exe with the STL file (full path) as the argument. If you were doing this from the Command Prompt you’d enter something like:

“C:\Users\Public\Documents\ZBrushData2018\ZPluginData\STLimport\LaunchZBrush.exe” “C:\Users\Marcus\Desktop\PolyMesh3D.stl”

(The forum puts a line break between the paths where there should only be a space.)

STLimport.zip (17.7 KB)

I’ve also attached the principal code for the LaunchZBrush.exe, in case it is useful. What it does is writes the STL path to the text file and then launches ZBrush with the ZSC. The ZSC then reads the STL path from the text file and imports the STL into ZBrush.

HTH,STLimport.zip (17.7 KB)LaunchZBrush_cpp.zip (911 Bytes)

OMG I tried send straight from fusion and it work flawlessly just like GOZ
1 click Boom just want to say thankyou like thousand times haha.

But I’ve one more thigns to ask could you provide the code of .zsc I really want to study it.

Great, I’m glad it works!

I’m sorry I can’t post the code as there is stuff in there that I can’t share. But basically it piggy-backs on the 3D Print Hub plugin which parses the STL file and converts it to a format that ZBrush can import directly. You could do the same if you wrote code to convert the STL to an OBJ.

This script is stop working with 3D Printhub 2019
I have to bring printhub2018 into zbrush 2019

I think the problem is on loadSTL.zsc which I cant fix

Yes, it won’t work with ZBrush 2019. Don’t install plugins from 2018 in 2019 - you’ll cause all sorts of problems.

Here’s a version that will work with ZBrush 2019.

it work perfectly thanks you so much marcus.
I’ve been using this plug-in everyday
it save me so much time also more productivity when combine ZBrush with CAD Software. :+1:

Great! You’re welcome. :slight_smile: