Script idea !

Hi all ,

it’s just an idea for scripter :

i often use the same brush size ( 1,5 10 etc… ) , i’m wondering if it’s possible to create by script a series of buttons with basic preset size , a bit like photoshop .
i think that could improve the workflow , because each time want to change the size brush , i must use S shorcut and move slider , or input a number and press enter , and i change really often the size .


good idea, I’ll incorportate this.

I’m working (and learning at the same time) on a right-click zscript.

When you right-click on the canvas in zbrush ,currently, there’s a menu. But I think this menu can be recreated and added on to to make it even more useful …and possibly eliminate left and right shelving of a few commonly used palletes.

bottom line, you’re right, I often use the same brush and intensity sizes so it’d be good to just right click then click and you’re good to go.

sidenote, I use a mouse only currently, so i’m not sure if would even seem useful for people that use a tablet.


You can also use [ or ] to adjust your brush size.


You could adapt the method explained in this thread .

You’d need to make a button for each preset and instead of the line:
[ISet,Draw: Focal Shift,[IGet,Draw: Focal Shift]+10]

[ISet,Draw: Focal Shift,10]
where ‘10’ is whatever you want to set the Focal Shift (or whatever you’re setting) to.

Thanks for reply all .

I will try your script marcus :slight_smile:

Ok , that’s work perfectly , thanks Marcus.

i put the txt file for all .

i used 10 buttons ( 1,5,10,15,25,35,50,75,100,150) , but you can change easily the number and the size by editing the txt.


Glad it works ok. Remember you can Ctrl+drag the buttons to a shelf and then store the UI configuration by Shift+Ctrl+I. That’s very useful for buttons you use often.

Yes , i forget to give this information , off course it’s better to customize your UI , if not , that’s not really interresting to open zplugin rollout each time .


Sounds like you are squared away. Here is yet another alternative to add to your choices. This script gives you keyboard short-cuts for increments of 1, for Draw-Size, Focal-Point,ZIntensity, and RGB.

Finished ZScript “20 New Short-Cuts”