Script for Reverting Unify

Hello this is a very simple script and I don’t know if it exists already if so please point it out. I made this with very little knowledge of ZScripting.

I am currently sculpting hardsurface models and I had an issue where I do an extract and the piece is very tiny that dynamesh at max resolution wont be enough. So the solution is to use unify on that subtool and then dynamesh. (You could also use sculptris pro to add the details yes but this does not allow you to merge stuff). The issue then is that I do not want to affect the scale (for exporting/iteration reasons)

So this script just basically:
Stores your XYZ Size, X,Y & Z Positions

you then do your unify + dynamesh (choose your resolution usually 128 is enough for a unified subtool)

Revert to original XYZ Size & Positions

Helps with my current workflow now and hope it’ll help someone else’s too. I’m not that sure if something like this already exists hidden somewhere in ZBrush’s massive amount of menus/buttons.

If you find that the code can use some cleanup or anyway to make it more robust or remove some redundancy or make it better please do share. (I think the condition statement is redundant?) I’m fairly new at Zscripting and am always interested on how things work.


RevertUnify.txt (1.02 KB)RevertUnify.txt (1.02 KB)