Screaming for z3

Inspired by some recent z3 pics by Monstermaker aka Rick Baker. Thought I would share.


uhmm…what’s that white stuff?

I could think of a name for the slimy material but I don’t think it would be appropriate on this board.:wink:

Can’t ever have enough skulls and bones :+1:

good stuff^^ dark red not white ^^

I believe this is called, necrophilia.

oh my! guess ron’s just really umm… excited bout Z3… :lol:

:o Oh dear this thread is themed xxx :lol: !

Great stuff Ron ,
Who spat out the milk ? to throw another direction …lol

The not to be mentioned substance is probably what happened after the beta testers first got their ummm hands on Z3 :confused: :smiley: Great job Ron :laughing: :+1:

Ron glad I could inspire to give some skulls a facial. You guys get your mind out of the gutter.That is obviously face cream

Really good modeling Ron… excellent!

P.S. ROFL @ monstermaker!

Great image, sorry about the sinus congestion.

Good gravy, exactly what were you thinking? :lol:

lmao thats hot :slight_smile:

You’re in for a doozy when you wake up this morning, Ron. As shown by your fellow brushers, the white stuff is an interesting choice. I’m sure you either intended either pus, or that white stuff that seeps out of crypts in the graveyard.

BTW, did you model the skulls? I like them very much.

If by face cream you mean michael jackson jesus juice, then yes.

oh and good job by the way. sorry,the gutter demolished my brain there for a second.

hahaha Rick
so,next time someone says to you or the other Z3 betas that you are “inspiring artists” don’t be so eager to thank them guys!!!You never know what they might be thinking…:confused:

All the stores have sold out! :lol:




Nice work on the skulls budy. Like slosh said, my fellow Zbrushers seem to be having a field day with your post. I’d better not say anything that might embarrass you but a certain website comes to mind. Keep up the good work! No, it’s not a bad pun. :lol:

ron i want a picture of you when you first see pride’s pic! if your keyboard’s not covered in coffee that is! :lol: