scott kassekert - sketchbook

I’ve been registered on ZBC for a long time, but have never made a post. I hope to change that and benefit from becoming more of a participant in this community. There is so much talent in these forums and I hope to accelerate my growth as an artist through the knowledge and critiques of others. I love honest feedback, no matter how small or large, so don’t hold back if you have an opinion.

I’m going to ease into this with my latest finished project, “One left”, and then upload WIP’s in the future treating this is a sketchbook/artdump/gallery. The armor design/concept was heavily influenced by Kurunya on DA, but the rest is original.

Thanks for looking.



This is really cool, though the beanie looks a little out of place. Maybe thats what you were going for for? Nice work.

Imo, wonderful execution of representing form (musculature) underneath a body suit. Both the form and the suit exist apart from one another. Quite realistic and great work!

Nice first post! :+1:

Amazing work.
i like the overall subtleties of the gesture and how the armor seems practical. my favorite part is the asymmetrical boot, almost as if it had a repair done to it.
great job. i’d love to see unpainted version.

@Hybryd75 - Youre correct that the beanie doesn’t really fit wit the context. I really didn’t even think about it till you pointed it out. All in all, I thought it was cute and wanted to use micromesh for something, so I went with it - same for the jewelry, makeup, and hair. I’ll pay more attention in the future. Thank you for the comment.
@AgentSmith - Thank you! I hadn’t done folds or wrinkles before this, so I had to start over a couple times. Morph target and Layers really helped out with this.
@Webhead - Thank you
@battlemonkey - Thanks! I got a little overwhelmed at first trying to make sure the suit was at the least, semi practical. The boot isn’t actually deformed, but has a hinged toe - noted :slight_smile:
I’ll work on putting up a clay render on Monday - the files are on my work machine.

Lovely sculpt. The only comment I have is that her neck seems too long but this could just be an illusion from the placement of the shoulder armour and angle of view.



thanks for the comment higginsdj. I think you’re right about the neck, good eye.

Here’s the clay render that was requested - I’m sure this will allow for much more scrutiny :wink:

Here’s a quick sculpt I did Friday afternoon to unwind before the weekend. The original character concept is by Randy Bishop.
The sculpt itself took about 2 hours, and then I sat and fiddled with render settings and the photoshop comp for at least another hour or so.
There are definitely some proportion and structural errors between the sculpt and drawing, but time limits are good sometimes!

Is there common upper limit for image size, or a way to have ZBC auto-resize images? I’d like to post high-res stuff, but it can get out of control sometimes - especially with wide images like the turnaround I posted.


Love it. Concept and colour scheme are great.

love that girl!!!

Great work!
I really like your 3D version of Randy art and I look forward to seeing more.

Love the style and coloring!

Very nice. What did you use to render it?


Beautiful piece ! I particularly like the lighting effect you obtained on this one.

Been super busy with work and life and this is the only thing since my last post that I’ve done in my free time. About a days worth of time between yesterday and now - wish I had more to give.
Although it was done quickly, critiques are always welcome!

Pretty sweet Chun Li variant. Her lower leg seems too short and the upper thigh near the groin seems a bit too far. Also, the loin cloth near that area seems to be going in for no reason. Otherwise, I love the pose and volumes.

Sweet !!

Here I am at 907 on Halloween waiting for frames to kick out of muster so I can go home for the weekend…
Waiting around did finally give me a chance to finish this Chunli remake though - which I am stoked to be thru with. You can only look at a project for so long before you start to despise it a little more with each glimpse, haha.

Modeled in zbrush obviously… rendered with vray maya and comp’d in Nuke. Hope you like it and feel free to critique the hell out of it.