Sci-Fi Helmet - WIP

Working on a Sci-Fi helmet. Still working out the concept. Just trying to quickly rough out areas. Haven’t really committed to anything yet. For some reason I keep trying to make this thing look more Dragon like. It keeps getting further and further away from something that might be functional. But I think it looks kinda neat. I still have no idea what i want to do on the back of the helmet. So far I’ve been using clay build up, hard polish, and trim dynamic to quickly give shade to a surface. To make some of the more polished larger shapes I used the slice tool to cut up the surface into poly groups. Then used polish by features to give me a nice and clean surface to work with. Like I said, still working out the concept. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.






Think i might stick with this concept at this point. Going to start rebuilding and refining these different pieces before moving forward with any more detail. Any criticism is welcome.:smiley:helmetConcept6.jpghelmetConcept5.jpg