I created a girl wearing a cute school uniform
the basemodel was made in 3dsMax and the detail was made in Zbrush
hope you enjoy~ :smiley:BPR_Render_012_2_flcl38.jpgsabzil_flcl38_girl_07.jpgsabzil_flcl38_girl_09.jpgsssss.jpgsabzil_flcl38_girl_08_6.jpg








InsaNe!!! please post more of your work. Please!!!

Now that’s one good reason to “Stay In School!” Very nice sculpting! Welcome to ZBC! You go to the head of the class with this one! :+1:


this is one of the best models ever created…

the shirt stressing at the buttons may be too much, its the indication of a cheap shirt and detracts from the busty look intention…
how about a school patch above one boob on the shirt to give it more character?? you could do a really creative art piece in said patch if you wanted…

either way YOU DID IT-****ING AWESOME!!

i have a soft spot for girls that look like this and my city has thousands of em

yum yum


love all the stuff that you have posted on cghub
keep it up

wow…very beautiful

That is just plain beautiful, very sexy character design too.

Superb and beautiful work:):+1:

Amazing and soooo hot!)

How do you create such a beautiful cloths?

Looks great. love the hair and detailing on the cloth. any chance of getting a breakdown on how you done the hair?

Amazing work across the board!

Loving how the School girl is being sculpt and the breakdowns shown in the images. Pretty balance details on the overall! Please post more :+1:

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Exceptionally beautiful work here! I love the Manga/Anime similarity of the style. :+1:


Beautiful model, cant wait to see more!!

Perfect… nuff said :slight_smile:

The perfect gaijin Idoru :+1:

Great work, I saw it at cghub and loved it. It went right to my inspiration folder.