Scared Silly Entry by Svetlozar Petkov

Hi guys.

My concept idea is to do something different and put the scared guy INSIDE the pumpkin.

He is trapped inside and the pumpkin’s mouth has bars.
He can’t escape.

At the same time an enthusiastic footballer (maybe Vinnie Jones? :p) is about to kick the pumking with he guy inside really, really hard.

Here is a quick sketch:

Hope that I will be bale to finish it in ZBrush.

lol:):lol: really funny idea…looking forward for the updates.

If there were a way to somehow convey that the man in the pumpkin is the same man who’s kicking the pumpkin; that this is his punishment… That’d be something!

Not in a still image, though. I don’t think it can be done.

can’t wait to see updates, good luck.

OUCH! :lol:

Just did a sketch of the pumpkin.
Will add the bars when I get the time to.
After that I will have to model the guy screaming inside.


Cool! looks very scary! :+1:

Oh! Its really awesome!!!..:eek: & nice texturing too…

funny. poor little man he sure is having a halloween night…mare. great job on the texture of the pumpkin I like how it seems to glow like that.

ha…funny idea and nice pumpkin…
just 1 thought…
why would a footballer with his boots on…kicked a pumpkin???

Because everything is possible on Halloween eve. :slight_smile:
By the way, it’s going to be a soccer footballer. I don’t know anything about American football but soccer players don’t wear boots.

I may change the concept, will see what happens.
For example, instead of a footballer kicking the pumpkin, there will be Evil Bugs like scorpions and centipedes attacking the pumpkin with the guy trapped inside of it.

Or yet another possible concept that’s a bit more humorous is some dog taking a leak on the pumpkin and almost drowning the guy inside in dog piss.

I have endless ideas. Will see which one works best.

ohh I see…the dog licking thing is funny…
but…dont know…to me…it doesnt really related to the theme of this challenge…
by the way…by football I mean soccer too…
here in south east asia,soccer is more known by football…
while we call american football rugby…

anyway…goodluck…^ ^…

i like the first idea best. :wink:

:large_orange_diamond: Good Pumpin texturing

Here is a sketch of the boy that will be trapped inside the pumpkin.
Poor kid, so young and drowned in dog piss…


I think I just came up with the COOLEST IDEA EVER!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:

It is full moon on Haloween eve (don’t know if this is possible but it works for the script :wink: ) and the boy is turning into a Werepumpkin!

Or maybe the pumpkin is ripping it’s stomach like an alien chestburster. This is too macabre and not that silly, though.

Tell me what you think.

Here is a quick sketch:


It’s not really clear that there’s any relationship between the moon being full and the pumpkin emerging. In fact, your full moon being set against a tropical island paradise removes all of the werewolf connotations. We need clouds, mountains, trees!

That’s completely arbitrary, of course. There’s no reason why a werewolf shouldn’t transform on the beach. It’s just become tradition that these other elements be in place to build dramatic tension – the moon needs something to hide behind until just the right moment…

Anyway, whatever story you decide to tell, make sure we can all understand it without requiring a verbal explanation.

(that’s not a prerequisite for “art”, but it’s absolutely crucial for “comedy” – if we don’t get the joke, you wasted a lot of effort telling it.)

^ What you see on the posted picture is just a sketch.

I wouldn’t use palm trees and tropical landscape views in the finished product, of course.

I am back to my original idea.
Just sketched it out.

[ZBrush Document44.jpg]

How you doing on this? One day to go! I was very interested to see how this turned out.

This is the FINAL VERSION: