Scared Silly Entry by Stefano Dubay

Here is my submission for this contest, the idea is having an old witch getting embarassed by having her “scarecrow” shirt stolen by one the the crows she was supposed to scare, some kind of grotesque conceptual “contrappasso” experiment.
Hopefully I’ll get to texture/render it properly soon …

hope you’ll like it!
BTW every image comes with a link to the highres one on my imageshack account




Great concept and execution. I think you missed out on an amazing month of community interaction, but your entry is superb regardless.

i’m pretty new to online contests, i kinda missed that part of the process and i’m a bit sorry for it, it would have been fun, but anyway next time i’ll definitely follow the community collective work flow better :slight_smile: thanks!!

updated link to the highres sepia picture http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/3537/ssfinal2stefanodubayep3.jpg
Imageshack is sometimes weird o_O

BTW i like my little crows the most on the scene :slight_smile: theyre little but i like them :slight_smile:

OOH I do like the idea a lot! :+1:

Fantastico Stefano!!! :+1: :grimacing: :+1:

Great work stefano !! I can see the beauty in that horrible scene…

Nice idea Stefano, keep up the good work man.



Classy… I really like this piece.

thank you all for the kind words!

here’s the veoh link 4 the Turntable, i thought of it more as a sculpt than an illustration so it maybe render better in a 3D rotation
to see the evolution and WIP ttables you can go to my veoh channel on



I’ve uploaded it at 10 PT so if you cant see it yet be patient :slight_smile:

Thanks 4 the comment Bryan!!!

I got lucky and i was able to output it “almost” in time!!!
making pictures now

Well, I look forward to seeing them. What I’ve seen here is already very good indeed and with a very nice concept.

here are the pictures
printed on an Eden 3D printer
courtesy of Gentle Giant Studios
Special Thanks to Brian Sunderlin, Brian Wilcox and the whole staff

I'm expecially happy about how the hands came out, the fat on the neck 
and the skin on the back particularly on the shoulderblade area

thanks again!!

Stefano Dubay 2008

no time to color correct it, the green stuff is material to hold it in place bacause the square hole for che center pole on the support was mathematically watertight and will needs some sanding, the birds are printed apart and will need some reconstruction for the legs but ii'm planning to mold it soon :warning:

This is my final render though :slight_smile:


Stefano Dubay 2008













Semplicemente Meraviglioso Stefano!!! :eek:

… ma scusa una domanda: quanto costa stampare in 3d un modello?

Devo dire che non mi dispiacerebbe per nulla… :wink:

dipende dalle specifiche, se si deve spedire in italia ovviamente si pagano le spedizioni, mandami degli ortho con misure e scala ed un po di note e ti faccio fare un preventivo, penso suia possibile includere anche il calco in silicone ma nn sono sicuro…
grazie x il complimento!


Quoto Pix!
Semplicemente meraviglioso!

I’ve seen a lot of good sculpts without fantasy but this is made by an artist. 5* :+1:

oops, no options to rate this thread :confused:
OK here they are: *****

grazie tante a tutti!
Thank U all!!!
Much appreciated Bas Mazur! really nice words…