Scared Silly Entry by Scott Fabritz

Hello everyone, this should be a fun month considering the talent already on display. My idea is the moment after the little old lady asks the kid “And what are you suppose to be?” Well she found out! Let me know what you all think, and any ideas to expand are very welcome!


Amazing, dynamic concept. Nails the theme. Stop sketching and have fun with the 3D detailing. :smiley:

The only concern would be the light, as ZBrush doesn’t offer any light bulb friendly solution, but sort of global light-source in front, global light source behind type of illumination. If possible, you should definately consider rendering in a more percise app for the lighting. If you looking for accurate lighting, of course. Otherwise, nevermind. :lol:

Anyway, congratulations on an excellent starting concept.

Great start :slight_smile: its a very nice concept

Great Sketch, :lol: and it shouldn’t be to hard to model.

funny idea!! good luck!


Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh that’s funny!

hehehe cool, has a gary larson kind o feel to it

Love the sketch for this, cant wait to see it translated to ZB

Fabritz, that is wonderful! I really, really like it. I also like your sketching ability. I can draw, but it’s laborious for me, and a quick sketch never looks good when I do it. I’m keeping my eye on this entry. Best of luck…:smiley:

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.
Slosh-Yes i think i will be using 3D max to render final images and photoshop at the end. I don’t have the best system and when I bring in my obj’s to max i need to bring them in at level 3-5 so i don’t crash. I’ll have to render each one out individually and then composit pieces in psd. Any ideas bringing hi-rez model into max would be welcome.

The creature and boy







Cool! Great concept and coming along nicely!. :wink:

really really funny concept love the drawn characters. just noticed her head was being eaten by the monster alien plant love it. LOL and I can’t stop.

Now that I have finished a rather large job I can know get back to the imortant things in my life. So here is an update of my trick or treat boy. I was going to transfer to 3Dmax but i’ve decided to stay intirely in zbrush since I’m learning as I go.




Well this was fun but I ran out of time and I do have a learning curve with the new 3.1. So between Meat’s DVD I figured some things out. The final rendering is 20 x 21 roughly. I didn’t do my transferes to photoshop right but alas, maybe next time. I composed everything in Photoshop instead of bringing to Max, time is not on my side this month, knowledge either, anyway thanks for the contest Pixologic! and hope there will be more, I sured learned alot and have many miles to go.

Really Fun image

nice work!

This is very funny well done, and best of luck.

Fantastic work! Well done!

Great and phun !
Love the expressions of the monsters…