Scared Silly Entry by Richard Cummings

Okay, I couldn’t resist the fun. Here’s my entry, Modeled and rendered in Zbrush with Photo Impact postwork. Keep up the awesome entries. 50.


“Zondar makes his yearly trip to Earth on the one day when he can move among the populace undetected”

LOL, I like your sense of humor.

Hey, thanks, Woody. 50.

Nothin like a flying space pumkin for Halloween! Good Luck

Hi amronellec, thanks.

I like the idea in general. The big pumpkin threw me off for a bit, before I realized that was supposed to be …his planet?

Maybe if the pumpkin planet were smaller and fire trail faded to it from the spaceship that would have been more apparent. I think adding more traditional planetary features would have helped sell it more… Imply oceans and mountain ranges while maintaining pumpkin shape and color. Maybe the stem actually extended around the pumpkin like one of saturn’s rings…

One of the reasons this is a WIP contest is so you can get feedback from other artists. Only posting up your final image not only disqualifies you from the contest but it robs you of the opportunity to get alot of tips, tricks and advice from the many great artists on this forum, and actually have time to implement them.

Hi, Brutikong, yeah, I knew I crashed the rules about wip. I realize that such threads help others learn. I really didn’t have time to put alot into it. I thought about what you mentioned on the trail going back to the planet. It was fun anyway. Maybe next year I’ll put aside more time and effort. 50.

So, thats where Pumpkins come from :lol:

Hiya, Blaine! 50.

Fun stuff

Hi, thanks, LittleDedder.

wow…would be quite tasty…well maybe …to roast some planet sized pumpkin seeds…yes indeed!

Fun stuff…always makes me happy to add another grin to my face and a fun pic to my 50’s kid hallofame folder. :smiley:

Since this is a WIP challenge and you jumped right in with the final image I do have to disqualify it as a contest entry. I am going to leave it in the contest’s forum, though, even if it won’t be included in the judging.

That is an award of a sort… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: