Scared Silly Entry by Praveen V.S.

Hi guys, I’m a beginner in Zbrush.:stuck_out_tongue: :o Still hope to participate in this challenge

Softwares : ZBrush, 3ds Max, VRay & Photoshop

The idea & concepts will be coming soon…:lol:

This sort of competition is a great way to learn, because of the focus you’ll need. Once you can see the concept of the picture in your head, the rest is just joining all the dots! Good luck.

Thanks Moochie for the comments,

well, the Idea is to build a pumpkin farm filled with jaco-o-lanterns and a comic character (probably a mouse) stands frightened to see a halloween cat inside a pumpkin. The BG may have some creepy looking houses and a witch flying in a broom…and trees…etc all sculpted in ZBrush and composited in Max. More objects will be added later.

& this is my first concept, and may have some changes later…

Now off to the Z :lol:

Ho man! Sounds like your gonna need loads of models for this one!

I can picture it in my head and I think it’ll be cool to come across a field full of pumpkins like that, especially if they all have different expressions on them.

Still, I have been warned about taking on too much in one go, especially seeing as you and me are new to ZBrush. Hope you don’t mind me asking but are you comfortable with so many models to make? :o

If so then I look forward to seeing this one! If it comes out like I imagine it in my head then I’ll have it as my desktop wallpaper one Halloween.:wink: :smiley:

dustbin1_uk: glad to know u like my concept, hope everything work fine as Im a beginner, & yes, its gonna need lot of models here, I doubt my low end pc can handle all.:lol: Im planning to sculpt every single objects separately and then composite them all…as Im not very used to the workflow.

We are all beginner :wink:

good luck :+1: :+1: :+1:

GoodLuck Nemoriko :+1:

Here’s a concept Img drawn in Ps. I dont have a pen tablet, using mouse instead. Just a rough idea…and may have changes later.

C&Cspvs_Concept_Img_opt.jpg Welcome…

Modeling Update:lol:
Mouse model using ZSpheres…[attach=70797]MOUSE_ZSPHERE3.jpg[/attach]



Adaptive Skin Preview…[attach=70798]MOUSE_ASKIN.jpg[/attach]



Halloween Cat Zsphere test…[attach=70799]CAT_ZSPHERE.jpg[/attach]



Ah! I miss read this before! I missed the essential bit out with the cat comming out of the pumkin. LOL

Now I get it, I can’t wait to see it come to life.

using a mouse huh? well I’d be inclined to go get a budget tablet. You can pick up really cheap ones from most PC stores. When you win you can then donate it to another new artist! :wink:

Adaptive Skin Preview:evil: …, I need to add the nose later…:lol: [attach=70800]CAT_AASKIN.jpg[/attach]

Need a little help… Anybody know how to make holes for the pumpkin in ZBrush…i.e, for the eyse & mouth?
I’ve heard something like ‘Make Difference Mesh’ option, but dont know where…:confused:



dustbin1_uk: Hi, Thanks for the advice, but Im not in a condition to afford one of them:cry: & dont make me laugh:lol: … u know Im only just a beginner

The new wacom bamboo is under £30 (here in the UK) and our local supermarket sells Trust Graphics Tablets A6 size (small but usable) for less than £20.

I don’t know what country your from, but I’m sure they will have similar there!

As for winning, your going to do better than me with concept drawings like that! WITH A MOUSE! (both kinds):wink:

Very nice start! As for the pumpkin, you could always sculpt the main shape then mask out the areas for the eyes and mouth. Once masked, inverse the mask and use the extract tool (under subtools). You may need to adjust the thickness. This will make a new mesh with the eyes and mouth cut out.

Hope this helps! Keep up the great work!


Charming concept. An Itchy and Scratchy Halloween. Since you’ll be using the amazing MAX, will this also be an animation? If so, then hopefully we’ll get to see the mouse leap out of his skin, old school cartoon style, then jump back in and run away in a puff of smoke.

Good luck and keep rolling out the screengrabs. I’ll be very interested to see how you set up your lights and rendering in MAX. :cool:

i like your concept work, its already a nice image.

Looks like your off to the races:+1:

Great concept.

dustbin1_uk: Hi, thanks for the help, but Wacom is not yet available here…:frowning:

Jaidek: Thankyou for the tips, Ill try it out.

ravioli_rancher: thankyou, I m not planning to do animation bcoz Im not very friendly with the animation controls, Only modeling

& Thanks for all the comments…:slight_smile: Now off to ZB

Now Im in a confusion whether to Composite in Max or the 2.5D Pixol painting for my entry.:confused: Can someone say which is better ??

very nice concept, good luck