Scared Silly Entry by Pawel Tokarz

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for posting so late, but I didn’t want to jinx it and post b4 I’m positively sure, that I have a slightest chance of meeting the deadline.
Ok. So please welcome the absolute classic figure: Count Orlok (or someone from his family members ;)).
Him, being a synonym for terror for quite some years (he arrived to the silverscreen in 1922), now met his ultimate match: The Dentist. Don’t be surprised, he hasn’t looked after his teeth for long centuries :slight_smile: And this uncanny look of his face just begs for being used in another situation.
I plan to create a short flash animation using stills produced with ZBrush/Lightwave.
I’m a ZBrush virgin when it comes to character creation, so please bare with me and don’t hesitate to add Your comments.




An animation! Phew! I hope your quick! :wink:

Seriously and animation is a brave step to take in this competition. Though you may want to check that it’s allowed by the rules.

Anyhow, nice concept, good luck. :+1:

Well, it won’t be very fancy, more of a “banner style”. Regarding the rules: I wasn’t able to obtain official statement from Aurick, so I hope everything goes :slight_smile:
And yes, I hope I’m quick enough too :slight_smile: Oh well… Sleep is much overestimated, ain’t it? :wink:


I think it’s time to post some pics from WIP process :slight_smile:
I hardly had time for anything those last days, so I thought Halloween is as good day as any to present what I was struggling with for some time :slight_smile:
All started with an ordinary Sphere I sculpted and retopoed to create a head, that could be moved to my rendering package (Lightwave).
Next I UVed it in LW and brought back to ZB for maps creation.





Then was a time for creating the rest of the creature.
I had begun with simple ZSphere model, which again, after converting it to polymesh, I retopoed and started a basic sculpt.
Next step became my personal nightmare. I wated LOTS of time to properly pose the body. Tried to rig it with ZSpheres. Unfortunately my mesh was exploding due to no apparent reason every time I tried to pose it with a rig :frowning:
After a few completely wasted hours, I decided to use transpose ans heal the sculpt afterwards (dodgy transpose masking control :() Of course I posed it on a new layer, in case I would have to add symmetrical details later :wink:
After healing the mesh, I sculpted some more details and added nails.
In the meantime I had a hell of experimentation with materials in Lightwave…
As You can see, I’m nowhere near the finishing line. Hope I’ll make it :slight_smile: I’m currently working on maps in ZB and sweat in the middle of the night… Fortunately I’m in a different time zone and midnight of 2.11.07 is 9:00 3.11.07 for me :slight_smile:








TBH I feel extremly intimidated by all the other contest threads. I knew, that ZBrush Central gathers great artists, but I didn’t expect, what I had seen.
I think I should have browsed those threads b4… It would save me quite a few sleepless nights, I spent on struggling with my project :smiley:
The bright side is, I learnt a lot during that time.
Anyways, here goes the shader test for the skin.