Scared Silly Entry by Melinda Esponda

Hello all,

I may be a little late with my entry…I’ve been sketching a little concept idea for a couple of days;
here goes the idea : “Modern Witch” : today’s fashion needs a little bit of broom tuning! Framing will be different from this one, but basically this sketch’s made to have an overview of the full image.

I’m kind of new using Zbrush (I’m used to work on 3ds), this will be a good pratice anyway :slight_smile:

good luck to you all!

Great sketch!

Can’t wait to see the progress on this!

Good Luck!

I’m new too but loving the Z-Brush
beginning to think i might have bitten off a wee bit much with my entry though! lol!

Keep on Z-ing


Great idea and concept. Love the simplistic yet innovative approach to your theme. Will be waiting for the 3d version. Nice clean sketch as well by the way. :+1: :+1:

I love the sketch! I would be great to see this realized 3D, and I’m looking forward to it. There are not many artists who attempt mechanical objects with ZBrush, so 100 Stars if you pull this off well…:+1: :+1:

I like the sketch!. This could be a great model. :+1:


Please, please, please! make a project of this.:) It's an absolutely wonderful design and whether it gets in on time for this contest or not, it would be a fantastic piece. Hope to see more!


HURRY UP!!! This has a great chance i think…good luck!!! I can’t wait to see this one done.

excellent sketch/concept

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hello to all, thank you for the nice comments!

Unfortunately, I think I won’t be able to reach the deadline…You can’t imagine how sorry I feel about that. I had a lot of schoolwork to do and it ate away my free time.
However, I will continue (and finish!) this image, but I won’t submit it for the contest, I think I’m just physically unable to finish it in time.
I will post my steps and final image somewhere in the Zbrush forum, I’m not very used to it, but anyway…I’ll find a little hole :wink:

good luck to you all, I hope you won’t have the same troubles than I…!


It's totally understandable when "real" life gets in the way, don't worry about it. I think we all just want to see the drawing come to life since it's such a fun piece of concept art (Actually, it would be a lot of fun to see a fully painted version of the concept piece too!). It sort of makes me think of a collision between one of the "Easy Riders" crowd and the old Warner Bros. witch who used to chase Bugs Bunny (I believe her name was Witch Hazel:qu: ). Look forward to seeing more!