Scared Silly Entry by Mark Johnson (Dustbin1_uk)

Ok my concept sounds worse than it is, and once I have the sketch done you’ll see it’s quite tame. :wink:

A guy visits the bathroom. He is the kind of wimpy looking guy that life always seems to happen to.

So he has finished his business stands to pull his pants up and is shocked to see a ghoulish/scaled arm reaching out the toilet with a trick or treat bucket in it’s hand.


The toilet
The man who used it.
Ghoulish/scaled with webbed fingered hand
Trick or treat pumpkin bucket
and all the little things you find in a toilet room. (toothpaste, glass, mirror, sink etc…

Being new to ZBrush, this is going to be tough! BUT FUN!!!:smiley: :+1:

Sounds pretty good, I laughed out loud when I pictured it in my head.

Ok, here is the concept drawing, I sketched this very quickly, but it does give an idea as to what I want to do.

[attach=72366]scare me silly concept.jpg[/attach]

The man will look a little more cartoony, probably with a “I don’t believe it!” Jaw drop look.

And will no doubt angle the view a bit better. :wink:



Little bit of sculpting, don’t want to get too detailed right now, as I have loads of models to make yet. Best to get the bulk out the way first.:wink:

Good start! Best of luck.

I thought that I should really set up a basic body layout if I wish to model people in ZBrush.

So that’s what I have done.

Proportionally incorrect at this time, but I can sculpt this into anyone I choose.

For this project and future projects!

You may have noticed that I am completely new to ZBrush…

well… actually I’m new to all kinds of 3D! :o

I know there is probably little chance of me winning when I am up against some of the most talented people in the world. But the reason I decided to do this, is that I think I may learn more by taking this on then I would any other way. And I thought this would be fun of course!! :wink:

So I hope I don’t embarrass myself and I’ll see you all as we go along. :+1: :smiley: :+1:

I think you’re pulled back way too far in your concept sketch. We don’t need to see all the details of his bathroom – the story itself is all happening in the corner. Let the toilet monster dominate the scene!

Maybe put the viewer’s perspective much lower to the ground, looking past the toilet bowl, past the arm and the bucket, to our hero’s reaction.

Or maybe we’re looking at the toilet from a more traditional front or side view. The guy’s barely in frame, or not there at all – does his reaction add to ours, or detract from it?

What does the shower bring us? The sink and mirror? When the viewer’s eye flits over to those elements, is the tone you want heightened? Or is the viewer simply distracted from what you want them to see?

A piece like this is all about focus and composition. It doesn’t need a ton of elements; just make the few you have look really good!

Thank you! That’s just the kind of advice I need. I’m only really doing this to learn as much as I can over the comming weeks.

Your right too, I knew as soon as I did the drawing the angle was all wrong. But it was only to give an idea of what was in the scene

You’re very correct in saying I have included too much that does not need to be there.

I think I’ll just have the guy stood there as if he was too shocked to pull up his pants, let alone run. I like your ideas and may go with the a view from behind the toilet over the arm, so you can see the guy’s reaction full on.

Anyway I need to get the model of the guy done first, then the toilet, the trick or treat bucket, and then I’ll just have to put it together and see.

Thanks for the good advice! More like that from everyone is VERY welcome!

ctrl-z - cool advice… good timing, too. its exactly my problem, too. i always think of too many details and cant concentrate on the important parts anymore.

dustbin1_uk - lucky you, having a working mirror! i mean, lots of stuff to see in a mirror… your comment about the mirror in my scene made me think already… hahaha

thank you,


Ok just for the mean time I cut some of the concept picture out Ctrl-Z was very correct.

(See third post in this thread)

Too many details is an easy trap to fall into, particularly with CG. We like to challenge ourselves, and we like to show off. It’s perfectly natural!

sidenote for dustbin and chemkid:
I’m still bouncing ideas around for my own entry. The ones I keep coming back to also have a mirror. Prominently featured. I’m rejecting these ideas because of it.

Thing is, we can’t do reflections in ZBrush. Not really. We can find clever ways to fake any effect, but if you genuinely need accurate raytracing, that’s going to mean an outside renderer.

And while, yes, I do own a license for several such products, I think there’s a strong competitive advantage to keeping everything native. Remember, it’s the ZBC community voting.

(that said, diving headlong into such a challenge and posting how-to solutions will only help your standing. so, I’m really just avoiding mirrors out of laziness.)

Lets put it this way, the mirror is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down my list of things to do. :wink:

I can see ways to pull it off, but it may not be needed.

At work today so can’t get much done until tonight. :cry:

Here is my basic body ZSphere I made earlier, modified to meet the concept.
Proportionally his legs will be a little shorter and his head will be oversized for comic value.

He is now a polymesh and ready to be sculpted. He will be posed a little more once sculpting is complete.

LOL…Really funny concept u got there:D …The hand sculpting looks really nice. Keep it up…

A mirror reflection is pretty easily done up with photoshop post processing. Sometimes we overthink things and spend hours rendering things out that are easily touched up in photoshop in 5 minutes for the same effect. There’s no stigma to photoshop post-processing…it’s par for the course…every digital image ends up there for some reason, and ZB is specifically designed to work with it.

Look forward to seeing more!

funny concept :smiley: good luck for you :+1:

Its coming along nicely…:lol:
The fingers & some joints look a bit stiff, try adjusting the adaptive skin settings like membrane curvature, Min skin to child/parent etc options to smooth out them.(I just learned:lol: )

Thanks soulreaver, will give that a try. :smiley: