Scared Silly Entry by Luigi Castro (Squeige)

Hi still a little embarrased from previous post not following the rules hehe, but here goes.
I have 3 different concepts and I think I am ready to choose one but wanted to let them out of the dark.

:idea: Halloween Night, dracula is out lurking and about and has found his prey, a made in USA inflatable blonde!!. I will post a draft if I decide to go with this.

:idea: Halloween Night, little baby dracula is getting potty trained. All you see is a toilet in the sealing and baby dracula asking “YOU WANT ME TO HANG FROM WHERE AND DO WHAT??!!”

:idea: The third idea, baby werwolf being potty trained. All you see is the baby werewolf entangled in all this toilet paper, the toilet behind him has clogged and is overflowing, little werewolf fella is manhandled by all this toilet paper around him, (I keep thinking of a painting of a monkey with toilet paper from when I was a little boy)

So there are my 3 basic Ideas, I know the rules say to Post one but I wanted to share.

For now I have choosen the 2nd concept, regarding baby dracula and the toilet hanging from the ceiling. Ill throw up a sketch and see where we go from there.

Luigi Castro – virtual.employee@gmail.com:cool:

Two’s good, but One might make a more dramatic pic, especially if you shift the scene forwards a moment to after the necking, with a close up of Drac, flithers of torn dummy surrounding his mouth, maybe even scorch marks, like in an old Daffy Duck cartoon. Over his shoulder you see the rack of waiting, inflated girls and the shop window with ‘Pornucopia Inc.’ written on it in reverse.



So I decided I wanna keep idea #2 on the table and work that out although i do agree with you rory and thanks for the feedback.

Here are some super rough sketches and thoughts for idea #2...





these are neet idea’s i like the one you chose. very funny

How’s it coming on? I hope you have some time to work on the project!

Thanks for your encouragement!


Sorry been away but starting tonight I will attempt to work at least 4 hours a day until the end (you would not believe how many servers have gone down this month hehe—currently working as server support engineer :))

OK so here we go, and by the way in now way do I claim this to be my workflow I learned from the best Mr Zack Petroc and his faboulous Zbrush vids, and this is how he works…

Step one I create a base mesh in maya nothng fancy, Any polygonal modeler can do it and best of all thanks to Zbrush you can always use the same base regardless of what biped character you wanna see... [Step 1 ![base.jpg|355x480](upload://a7J3G14e7wQ9UAGYXj2jH0mo0yD.jpeg)]![step2.jpg|640x480](upload://nsQgyPKHsgH3kpK4rb8SrEoWm8B.jpeg)[](http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/attachment.php?attachmentid=73407&stc=1)



Ok update time :slight_smile:

So we continue sculpting adding detail away, As you can see…


I have come across a big problem, I draw a canas size of 4096*4096 I am looking for workarounds in the meantime I am working on shading and rendering in maya in case I can`t find the fix, I do hope it does not disqualify me and I would prefer to complete in z.

when I have a 4096x4096 I draw my object, in this case its a cube, walls for my setting but when I attemp to scale to fill the canvas my geo disappears…

Yup: me too! Don’t be so ambitious, then. I’m contenting myself with 2048, which I can size down in Photoshop by less than I’d have to in Z-Brush to get the same AA results.



Ready to post a final wip and drop out unfortunately, been extremely busy and to top it off the issues with large doc, 3072x3072 were very discouraging, I will reasearch it late, maybe it is I doing something wrong.

GOOD LUCK to everyone else :slight_smile:


Don’t drop out!

Submit what you can in the time you have available.

You really should not worry about the document size so much: there is nothing written about it in the contest rules. Small is not bad, so long as it is big enough to tell the story and show the detail you’ve put into the models.

Good luck!