Scared Silly Entry by Karam Al-Dandashi


Damned late, I know, but i hope still in time…

Didn´t have enough time to do something more complexe, z-brush worthy, as I read about the contest only 3 days ago and am right now busily working on my DemoReel. But when I read about the contest, I knew I had to participate…:slight_smile:

1.this is an extremely rough z-sketching for the Scared Silly Contest (titled: “Look what I made, mommy!”).

I thought it would be funny to “invert” the pumpkin principle, and make a pumpkin guy, that would hold up a carved out human head, not the other way round…had a different idea about monsters, dressing up like humans to scare each other, but wouldn´t have the time to do more than just one character, so I started with the pumpkin guy.

2.the next step was to do some very basic modelling of the pumpkin guy´s head (sphere3D), the only true 3D-Geometry sculpted for the pic…planned to do the rest with Z-Brushs 2.5D tools

3-4. rough 2.5 Start including the 3D base head

5-6.tried around with snapshotting an older head, but didn´t turn out well, so i kicked it

7.changed the props, after I realized, that it would look more like a child, definetly more fitting to halloween

8.rough snapshoted background

9.changed light

10.final…not truely satisfied, but everything I could achieve within the limited time and the other work I had to do

Except for the handmade, non-digital textures, this is 100% pure Z-Brush (no photoshopping or the like). The only rough sculpting I did, was the pumpkin guy´s head, everything else is the 2.5D Digi-Painting, I love so much.

Hope you´ll like it (C&C welcome)
keep on brushing
















hehe, nice 2.5d painting and very interesting development from concept to finished piece! I like the overall mood of this silly illustration. Looking forward to see more! :smiley:

Looks cool. For a late starter you sure have alot done! good luck! :D:+1:

bump the thread up.

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