Scared Silly Entry by Jon Cooper

Greetings All

Longtime reader, first time poster :slight_smile:
Massively impressed with the quality going on here, some really talented people out there.
My concept: Pretty simple really, whilst out Trick or Treating, poor unsuspecting child dressed as a ghost encounters…some real ghosts. Drops sweets, looks scared…ummm…silly and thats the basis of it really. Hope you like it, more to follow soon.


Like the conept, good luck, hope your quick or have lots of time. :wink:

Thanks Dustbin, time may well be an issue :wink:

Some basic scene and tests Ive done so far: Lighting is going to be interesting, but its all gooooood learning

Post_top pointlamp scene.jpg


Street scene_02.jpg


Nice! I like the glow you got there! Was that done in ZB?

Thanks, and yes all done in Zbrush, yeah. Using two layers and transparency, plus a bit of smearing.

Nice work so far, Jon. I don’t envy the late start you’ve gotten. As a suggestion for the ghost material (may not be to your liking, but give it a try): In the material modifiers for most materials is a slider called High Dynamic Range. This can give you a very bright effect (I’ve used it for lightbulbs). This might help somewhat.

I’ll check back and see if it was any good for you. Nice concept, hope to see it finished.

scene is looking spooky, nice lighting.

Ok some more test renders and a little play with some “mood” lighting…

Thx for the comments Slosh, I will try what you suggested thanks :wink:

Street scene_05 copy.jpg


Street scene_07.jpg

The fog and lighting effects look good. It gives that real eerie feeling like something really bad is about to happen.

Coming along well :+1: :+1: It will be ineresting to see how you handle the spooks.

I like your concept, and your modeling. To make it sillier, make sure that the kids face, is really over the top, with a big mouth, and funny scared eyes. Good luck!

Anthony Romrell

Thanks for the replies :wink:

Blaine, yeah Im interested to see how im going to handle them too :o

Beginning to wish that I hadnt chosen ghosts, can barely draw cloth let alone model it! Still, all good learning :smiley:

Some updates, need to add afair bit of detail yet, but reasonably happy with expression…for now




ooooooo hehehehe scary

cool man

Another update…very rough but feels like its getting there. Now if i could only control time…

Test run copy.jpg

Nice work!! those ghosts look amazing!

Yes, impressive ghosts; and I love the children’s worried expressions!



Finally finished, all work done in Zbrush with post tweaking in Photoshop. I wanted to do the ghosts as I had done in previous post but due to Zbrush crashing constantly while working with flatten off I had to give up :confused:

Still, thanks for all your comments, feels good to actually finish something for a change! :smiley:

Web Scared Silly entry by Jon Cooper.jpg

Reduced version, emailed main to judge

Pretty cool job on the ghosts. I like the way that you can see the candy cane in the ghost’s mouth lol.

Good luck for finals :+1:

Cool! ! !
how did you do the ghosts shader?

Thanks Woody

The ghosts shader i used a basic mat , and played around with diffuse curves, transparency and high dynamic range (thanks slosh :wink: )…a little glow and blur helped with the highlights.

Now, im off to catch an early night for the first time ina week, cheers :smiley: