Scared Silly Entry by Fatmir Gjevukaj

Hello All,

This is Zbrush History in the making and althugh this is not my territory I just have to participate in this contest.

First I hope I am not late with my entry.
Been working on the idea and concept on and off for the last 2 days and this is what I got so far.
The Idea: An Old talented Warefolf is held as a prisoner and is forced to Paint the Witch and make her beautiful …well at least in the Canvas.
(Here the idea was to make Warewolf painting in Cintiq or Zbrush–still in doubt!-in the end I may do a simple canvas) .
I have already started to model the warewolf and the flying monkeys, will post soon some screenshots.

Well this is what I got so far … and
Good luck to all the participants.

This looks like it will be fun! What a great concept drawing - with that start you don’t seem late at all.
Best of luck and looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Very nice! It’s refreshing to see a Zbrush painting. :smiley:

I like the side lighting illuminating the left hand side of the picture. If you could carry that through to the right, the witch would look scarier, her profile would be cast onto the wall and the foreground and background would be separated.


Great concept, :laughing: excellent sketch! :+1: was that painted in Zbrush? It looks like a ZB painting?

Good sketch!!
I agree with Harmonic and Rory_L (good lightning idea…) :idea:

nice idea, her pose is great.

I think your sketch was nicely done. The way you put the stone background texture against a flat color wall is pretty original. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out in 3D.

wow really awesome zpainting. can’t wait for this one.

Nice coloring and concept!

Hello and thank you all for your nice comments,

Dondemaker: Thank you.
acmepixel: Thank you. Actually the concept scetch is done in both Photoshop and Zbrush.
Rory_L: Thank you, great suggestion on the shadow . I will try to do do that if I do a final render in mental ray, but still dont know because I would like to do everything in Zbrush even the final rander, will see and thanks again for the suggestion.
Harmonic: Thank you
animastur: Thank’s
threetails: Thank you
-WOODY-: Thank you.
Seavannah: Thank you too.
sadicus:Thank you as well.

Hi Again,

I have revised the idea, just adde a little Scary to it and I think I will go with a kid instead of a warewolf.
The Kid is using eraser and the witch is just realizing that he is erasing her in reality. Hope you like the new idea.
Everything so far modeled completely in Zbrush

And here is the flying monkey. Still a WIP. Started from Zspheres and retopologized and then posed using transpose. Hope you like it.






Very good Wip Kosova! :smiley: :+1:

Love the monkey

very beautiful :+1:

Very niece progress. :+1: I like the eraser idea, but I like the wolf better than the kid, it just funnier to me. Either way it will be awesome, just my two scents.

Great sketches! I like the detail you’ll be putting into this.

Very nice work, from concept sketch to model you’ve displayed great talent. Well done so far! :+1:

coming along nicely!

I have to say I’m keener on the werewolf than the boy, but I think you’ve hit on a great improvement with the erasure trick: Keep that and the werewolf! This vengeance suits him more than the boy, I think.

I like the interested attitude the righthand monkey has.