Scared Silly Entry by Dennis Graf

Hi @ all :wink:

here is my entry with the title :


Software : ZBRUSH3.1, Photoshop, 3DSmax

good luck to everyone else!
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Vicious veggies, eh? Cool.

We used to have a program here in the uk called Worzel Gummidge.

It was about this scarecrow who could change his head into different character Personality types. Believe it or not this was a kids show! :confused:

For some reason the different faces reminded me of that.

I love the idea the worm is the evil genious controling the monster! I can picture in my head how this will look!:smiley:

Anyway! Good luck with this!

Hi ZBrusher :wink:
here is my WIP01 the individual objects as low-model.

:o comments and critiques are welcome! :slight_smile:

It looks a bit too early to offer any crits, only one thing to say, KEEP GOING your doing fine! :wink:

Hi, nice work, but ur base mesh has many tris and quads mixed and dense at some areas and may cause some problems when subdivided, so take care of them:)

anytime you have a syth weilding pumpkin head you’ve got a winner, keep going, it looks like fun.

Should be fun to watch :+1: Don’t run with sharp tools.

Hey Dennis,
i really like the idea. I sure hope you are going to give that worm a really evil grin on his face.:smiley:
Good work on the base meshes so far, but unless you have some other experience and considerations in mind, I can only add my voice to the suggestion to avoid those tris for clean operation in ZB.

Keep it up, I am really looking forward to seeing this finished!:+1:

here is the WIP02 the maincaracter als lowmesh :wink:

Hey Dennis.

Great idea and great work on the modeling so far.
But as others have said, be careful with the tris, it seems that they show a bit under the mouth area in the last picture.

Looking forward for updates

I really like the idea, You really need to push the stylization on this. I think the key is going to be the expression on the pumpkins face. Right now it is pretty static…try hypnotized swirls in his eyes…

Wait I just realized… is that a worm in his head? I thought it was a zucchini… I think that is funnier than a worm.

Hi, here is my next update WIP03 with a treemonster in the background :slight_smile: The reinforcement !!!

…bye …


here is the Textured version of the Maincharacter…
THX for the Matcap :wink:

hi, here is the Tomato without the wings

Ha! not sure how I missed this one. very funny concept. :slight_smile: