Scared Silly Entry by David Moston

Hi all,

After having a look at everyones great work I felt compelled to join the forum and take part.

I have a few ideas at the moment but we will see what transpires. Here is what I have so far:

The title would be “Fat Witch” :lol:. Mind that broom doesn’t break! :smiley:

A bit rough an ready but I like it. My main concern is the lack of light as the moon is behind the subject :rolleyes: and the second would be the witch looks like its having an identity crisis because it really needs a few more touches to make it feel more female.

All comments and advice welcome.



:lol: Interesting character. A lantern hanging from her hand might fix your lighting dilemma.

From that position, wouldn’t she cast a shadow on her prey?
How about the moon eclipsed by her body (not a halo), and let a sliver of up-light barely detail her face and down-light curve across the faces of the doomed?

Thanks for the comments guys.

My other option would be something like this:

I prefer this one as it introduces more lights and has better scope for funny charactors.

nice illistrations, they will look good modeled.

It just occurred to me, as I read your backlight dilemma, that backlighting can be faked quite nicely with a matcap…the lighting and shadows are built in. Maybe experiment a bit there and come up with a matcap.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Ok so I have had a few days off and have had a play around with a few sketches. I decided on the image below:

I prefer this theme as it portrays the witch well as the evil charactor and the arm and sweets lend to the funny side of the contest. I hope text is allowed on the finished pictures because the text is necessary to get the point across that the trick or treater went to every house but eventually ended up at the wrong one and ended up, well, “in the pot!” hehe.

What do you think?

I will apply shading and lighting next and post that sketch here as well. Then hopefully I will be onto ZBrush, Photoshop then Max 9 :smiley:


Dave :wink:

Just a quick image of what I have so far:

A bit more

Submission by tomorrow! Hope you make it! I really liked this concept! :wink:


more progress…

a quick mock up drawing:

and a rendering from max 2008:

I know its the last day but I still have until 7am UK time to finish my concept so I will be finishing it today. If I make it then thats great but if I don’t then it was a great learning curve anyway and congradulations to all the other participants!


Dave :smiley:

That’s the spirit! looking good. that final mockup is the best. I like the arm hanging out the couldron.

Good Luck!

Current position:

Looking really good! :slight_smile:

Good luck with getting this done man, I’m off to bed for some well deserved sleep now. This will be locked down by the time I get back, so I just wanted to say good luck.

Thanks for your encouragement dustbin :smiley:

Night night :eek: