Scared Silly Entry by Cesar Dacol Jr. (Aka, The Voodoo Monkey)

Hi all.
Been a really long time since I posted on here.
Hope all my Z buds are doing great!
Life has been busy, but I think I can find the time to try and squeeze this one in.

My idea is a simple one… the title reminds me of terrifying times when I was a youngster on Halloween night.

“The Bully”

I’ll post up a pic soon.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

I think I’m going to enjoy this piece! Hmmm? I wonder if the bully is going to reap what he has sowed. HeeHee!

in-tree-ging. i cant spell it, but i feel it. look forward to seeing your concepts.

Hi all.
Here’s the concept of what I’m thinking of doing.
Your thoughts are welcome.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

Can’t wait to see this!

Hi all.
Here’s some progress.
There’s a few versions.
I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey





Wow looks great!, that was really fast! :eek:

Awesome creature! My only comment is maybe having the kid on the monsters shoulder having an empty or torn bag. This might help to illustrate a little better why the kid is sicking his pet monster on the bully.

Hey Cesar,

Very cool start man :+1:
I would stick with second image -without tail- plus some horns :wink:
And my 2 cents would be:

  • The kid riding the monster could be using kind of a t-bird/grease -since he looks kinda “nerdy”- hence the “cool” costume.
  • The monster could be in a more dinamic pose, like already approaching the other kid.
  • The other kid could be a bit older than the one that’s riding the monster

Just my suggestions :wink:
However you decide to make it I’m sure it’ll be awesome… and FAST! I’ve seen you work and you are indeed as fast as you’re good :+1:

Hi all.
Time has not been on my side.
Every time I think I got a minute something else pops up.
I’m having to rethink what I’m going to do.
Have a look and a quick update on the boy.
Let me know what you all think.
To those that have replied, thanks.
I’ve taken it to heart and have even made some adjustments based on your suggestions.
Very cool indeed!
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey



Nice sketch and a cute start of the “drakula-boy”.
I prefer the simplify head of the sketch monster.


Ralf Stumpf

Cesar, Gee I hope you can find the time to finish this. It looks really cool so far.

Hey buddy,

Good to see you around here again, I hope you’re not thinking of giving this one up before its finished!! Lookin great so far, I really love that last concept sketch and your start on boy dracula :smiley:

Love it! Great concept! I wish I had a monster like this when I was at school, I’d soon put that little monkey who used to wedgey me in his place!:smiley:

Horns will make him suitably threatening, but the teeth I think could be a little shorter. Though a sharp tooth’s Cheshire cat grin, would be great for the comic factor.

I got my eye on this one! Good luck! :+1:

Great work so far! I really love the wicked grin on the big beastie. The expression in the latest sketch looks really fun too.

Hi all.
Hey Ralph I too prefer that one and will be creating him more like the sketch.

Hi Rick, Yeah… trying. The kiddies are keeping me busy :slight_smile:

Metric my man, How was Paris. hope you’re having a blast. Hurry up and get back so that we can see some of your amazing works around here again.

dustbin1_uk, Me and you both. Man I didn’t grow until grade 7. Sweet revenge. ha, ha, ha…

Marsyas, thank you… evil, ha, ha, ha.

Well back to work… the clock is ticking.
Here’s a quick grab of the bad boy.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

wow, i really like the look of Dracula Boy and Bad Boy, i hope you finish this, its a cool composition.

Good character!! :evil: :+1:

Awesome project Cesar! I love the characters so far.
Are you planning on doing Hair for the monkey? if yes,are you gonna paint them in ZBrush or use another software to do it?


Hi all.
Here’s the Dracula Boy.
Hope you like.
Back to the monster now!
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey