Scared Silly Entry by Cemre Ozkurt

Hi Everybody, Here is a quick sketch of what I am going to build.
it might be not done before the deadline but even if I can’t finish it, it could be a good excersize.
I call this one as “Last Masturbation” :smiley:

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:




Here is the First pass on modeling. Normal maps look terrible on 3dsmax rendering. I need to find a way to render hipoly in max.


3dsmax normal map test.





That’s some very cool modeling there cemre, but you might want to rethink your concept. ZBCentral is more of a family friendly kind of place and I don’t think it would best fit in with the “Scared silly” theme.

Maybe get rid of the “saluting the captain in the morning” thing and make it more of nightmare kind of thing.

Oh masturbation is not family friendly ?
just kidding. I see the point, thanks for letting me know before I go too far.
I’ll think about it, maybe I should add blood, Knife and George Bush to make it scary :slight_smile: is Bush family friendly? anyways I’ll find something else.

is Bush family friendly?
Well I suppose it depends on what side of the political fence you’re on LOL.

off the wall idea, but the model is looking really nice.

Politics on ZBrushCentral? Crap, another forum ruined.Please don’t do that.

Nice deatil on the head :+1: I’d say loose the adult humor also.:-1:

Hey Cemre!
What’s up bro? How are you ?
Your stuff looks promising! I love the old fleshy skin on the guy…
What software are you planning to use for rendering?

ps…I think the hard on is a great idea…not fun without it…keep it!

Hey Laurent, it’s great to hear from you dude. I am doing great, how are you?
I missed your "putain"s during quake man, hehehe.

I think I’ll going to use 3dsmax and brazil but I am not sure yet,
I am trying to figure out how to import high poly stuff in max, how do you guys do that?
I tried polygon cruncher, but it’s crashing.

PS: do you have msn? add me in cemreozkurt @ gmail . com

heheh…just finished my Quake game of the day…feels great!
for the Hires poly, I just import the full divided mesh into max…so far it has not causing me any problems…can’t animate it though.

Cemre, Sorry! I missed your presence in this competition…
Very nice work! :+1: :smiley:

it’s finally done. Here is the wip’s I’ll going to submit the final version later.


this is the concept. I made modifications after the comments. I think right now it’s more family friendly.






Here is the render passes.




Here is the Final image. Cheers!!!


I also upload the small version, incase my server want to die.





I really like this image.


Where is the silly? Am I missing something. I only see sadness.

Very nice regardless.

Oh hey, Thanks for reminding me, Refresh the site. I made a little addition.

This is really nice. I missed this one somehow, but I’m glad I got to see it. Amazing work! Well done!!

Missed it too - very nicely done. Rather Sad/Scared/Silly. Good luck.

I don’t know if I see alot of sadness…maybe just a tad. Maybe it’s boredom. A little loneliness?
But somehow the little guy in the window cheers it back up for me! The man may not have any trick-or-treaters but the eyes in that character are so gently begging to be noticed because he’d sure love some of the candy–and a friend.

I see the two of them all alone in a big city and one day will be great friends forever!!! LOL Well, that’s what I see. I really like it. :lol:

Hey thanks guys.

cinnamonstix: I can’t do better explanation then you just did. thanks.