Scared Silly Entry by Blaine Dickman

The Mummy sitting on a toilet with an empty roll of toilet paper in one hand and the end of one of his wraps in the other obviously making a crucial decision.

This also leaves the option for other bathroom humor in the background like a Magazine Cover or something in a window or in the Tub. What do you suppose a Mummy’s bathroom looks like after a few thousand years?

I’ve expanded on this to include a cat on the floor with the Mummy holding the empty roll in one hand, the end of his wrap in the other and looking at the cat thinking of another possibility. Gotta have a black cat in a Halloween Picture. Of course I could substitute other things for the cat but I’m thinking of the one that keeps waking me up by jumping on my stomach at 5 AM. I’m kind of imaging the cat crouched on the floor looking up hissing at the Mummy sensing what is on his mind.

Idea number 2 but I’ll probably go with number one going number 2 :rolleyes: -
A Kid in a Cooked Turkey Costume followed by another Kid in costume with an evil look and and a giant Electric Knife raised in the air ready to slice.

I need to work out the details a little visually to decide. Any opinions?

Software -
Zbrush and Photoshop and possibly Silo. I may do pure ZBrush though.

OK, idea two won out after all -

I’m doing Halloween Dinner and the kid in the Turkey Suit is Dinner. He will be facing the camera with his face showing through the Turkey Throat with a look of panic. Following will be various evil looking Kids in Costume with one of them holding a large Carving Knife and others as various Utensils.

I have time this weekend for the first time in months so I’ll get started shortly.


I see by your second post you’ve already decided on the first idea, but the second seems to express the idea of Halloween a bit more vividly. That’ll show me for posting a suggestion AFTER you have already decided. :mad:

I haven’t read through every entry yet, but I haven’t found too many attempts on a mummy. The Wrappings and decaying face are going to be a genuine challenge. Please post some hints on how you achieved your solution. :cool:

Do your own thing, and best of luck. :slight_smile:

Ravioli Rancher (I like that name by the way)
You were right. The more I thought about it the better the second idea fit the theme and the joke will be clear. I may still try a Mummy for an experiment later.

OK I finally got started. I’ve had ZBrush for a couple of years but never had much time to spend learning it. I tried to learn 3D all at once and I ended up going to other software to learn the basics and now I’m ready to concentrate on ZBrush. I sure could use a Cintique by the way.

Basically this will be a terrified little boy in a Turkey Suit who picked the wrong Halloween Costume. He is being chased by various Evil Halloweeners who have their hearts set on having him for Halloween Dinner.

I started out with the Turkey Suit made with ZSpheres. Next I decided to Box Model the base for the feet with ZBrush. Box modeling in ZBrush turned out to be quite easy.
I took the Poly Cube that came with 3 and used Tool > Geometry > Reconstruct Subdivide to make it into a 6 poly cube.
Then I made each face a Subgroup to make things easier later on.
Then I selected one face at a time and used the Tool > Deformation > Offset Slider to move them one at a time.
Then I used Tool > Geometry > Edge Loop which gives the same results as Extrude in other Programs.
Then I used the move brush set to smallest size to shape things one vertex at a time (Under Transform > Modifiers you will find controls to limit the direction which helps greatly).

I have not yet done any sculpting and there is lots of details to sculpt but I want to get all the base parts done before I tackle the detail and textures. The Turkey Costume is from the ZSpheres with no Sculpting yet. I really like how close you can get to a finished shape with just the spheres.

The Turkey suit will have arm holes eventually.



foot modeling.jpg

foot 06.jpg

way to go!

Ha, great ideas! I like your zif chicken.

Sorry for the long delay. I thought I had lots of time this month. Oh, well. The best laid plans and all that. I have time this weekend, knock on wood. I’m going to give it a try.

The concept has evolved in my head a lot more. A terrified boy who made an unfortunate choice in costumes and Trick or Treated the wrong house. He is now wanted for the main course. The Players -
A terrified little boy in a Plucked Turkey Costume in full flight.
The resident of the “wrong house” a Pumpkin-headed (in honor of Halloween of course) Monster determined to have Halloween Dinner. Chasing the target eating utensils in hand.

Here is where I’m at on the heads for the main characters -


The Pumkin still needs some details and a texture. I used alpha’s and Deformation settings to get the general details then tweaked everything with various brushes. The pinch brush was great for the vertical creases in the basic pumpkin shape.

The kid is still undeveloped and needs lots of work. I used a ZSphere simple mesh to start. I got sidetracked for way to long looking for the perfect set of edge-loops for an ear. I came close a couple of ways but I’ve decided its best to get close early then rely on brushes at higher levels. If someone knows the perfect edge-loop setup???

Thanks for looking :+1:




Ha! Great expressions, especially the pumpkin. :+1:

Do you have your concept layed out? I would like to see how that is going, I think your Idea is good enough to win, but it will come down to the layout. Great Models by the way.

Anthony Romrell

Thanks Marsyas :+1:

I don’t know about winning, but I appreciate the encouragement :+1:

The concept is quite simple. As soon as I have a couple of more pieces done I’ll rough it out. It will be a boy in a plucked Turkey/Chicken Costume running toward the camera at a slight angle being pursued by the Evil Pumpkin Chef. He Trick or Treated at the wrong door! I have two ideas for the background. One is the front of a porch with the door ajar making it apparent the Kid just knocked on the wrong door or nice Halloween sky with a full moon and them running down a path. I think getting to complex on the background is a bad idea or the overall context. I’m concentrating on the expressions and the heads for most of the impact.

I’m unsure if I’ll be able to finish on time. When I started I thought I had more time than I ended up with. Even though I’ve had ZBrush for a couple of years I have not had much time for my hobbies and I am learning 3D from scratch with old braincells. I got diverted figuring out Silo and others like Lightwave. Lightwave has been difficult but I’m finding ZBrush to be much more intuitive from the perspective of someone jumping in cold. Even if I don’t finish, I’m having fun and learning a lot about ZBrush3.1 :+1:

Here are the finished heads and of course a quickie Moon. The Moon is just a alpha applied as a mask and then I increased size by 1 to give a touch of depth. I still have to do a tongue and finish the inside of the Kids mouth.



OK, Afternoon Break netted me a tongue.Done via a simple box modeling operation. Real easy to do with the Deformation sliders and groups.

wip tongue in.jpg


wip tongue2.jpg

That chef hat is great! Really funny.

Nice pumpkin and clean box workflow! :wink:

good work … the moon looks so cool :+1:

I’m really bummed out that this happened, but I’m going to have to throw in the towel. Work won out this time. I learned a lot of new stuff so I’m happy anyway. Next year I’ll be ready and a lot faster I’m sure.

I started playing with Polypainting today. I’ve only got a mouse with me, so nothing fancy but I sure like how easy it is. It’s time for a good computer so I can play with ZBrush properly, so back to work.


Congratulations to those who finish and good luck :+1:

That’s too bad–your models were looking great. Someone else didn’t have time to paint his models too but still submitted a monochrome version with the models. Perhaps you could do the same, and just ‘tone’ the picture with fitting colors in post?

That pumpkin looks cool! shame your out, but I think after the success of this comp there will be more! See you then!