Scared Silly Contest Winners (voting results)

Well deserved wins! Congrats everyone :+1: :smiley:

That contest was great fun to follow! Hope to see more in the future!

Congretulations to the winners.

Alex’ final picture is truly the most skillfull and most beautifull one in the contest, no question.
The theme is funny and the result a perfect overall work.
The only decision for me to give my vote to another contestant after having read all working-threads of all contestants was, that, according to the stated contest-rules, the major part of the work should have been done with ZBrush.
Beside that and only judging the final picture, Alex’ work would also have been my own favorite.

Yeah well done all!

I really enjoyed this competition. Will make sure I look out for all of those involved in the future!

Pete B

Let’s not start qualifying why we did or didn’t vote for an entry, or putting asterisks next to any entries because of our personal interpretations of the rules in this thread. That does no one any good at this point, contest is over. The opportunity for feedback in the contest was already given, as was the opportunity to vote one’s conscience on the matter.

This is purely a celebratory time for the succesful conclusion of a new aspect to the Zbrush community.

Congrats guys. Great work, and i cant wait till the next comp :smiley:

Congratulations to all the participants :+1: Lots of excellent entries. I enjoyed watching the entries evolve and can’t wait for the next competition, with or without prizes.

Congrats to the winners :+1:

Congrats to all who participated and to the winners!

Sasquatchpoacher–Thank you!! You showed just how powerful Zbrush is in it’s entirety. Modelling, texturing, lighting. I truly enjoyed watching your thread!!

I hope my post wasn’t taken wrong…all 3 entries were very well executed and great to look at. I was just giving sasquatch some extra praise because his image was my favorite and I appreciated the effort and zbrush skill he put into it.

I certainly don’t want to take away anyone’s happy moment. I wish there could have been 10 or more winners, because I have several more favorites as well. Hopefully the next contest (prizes or not) will be soon. The entire experience was fun, challenging, and educational.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! great work!!! and thank you zbrush and wacom!!!

Great choices - well done guys!!
Well done all the other great entrants too. :+1: :+1: :+1:

how original, how derivative, how zbrush, i’ll never understand this community

Awesome submissions from everyone. Congrats to the winners, you guys deserve it.

Congratulations to Alex, Ralph and Gregory! Excellent entries…was very hard to vote…for sure!

I absolutely enjoyed viewing the incredibly creative ways ZSpheres and ZBrush were used to create these entries and would love to see a movie that showed them…what an inspiration! :eek:

Great work, congratulations to Alex, Ralph and Gregory…

I think all who entered are winners, the losers are those who did not enter, which includes myself…


Congratulations to the three winners. A great end to a great contest.

Congratulations guys !


All entries deserve a big thanks from me, the winners were without doubt exceptionally good, the others erm… were also exceptionally good.
I really enjoyed watching these works develop they create interest and inspire new images yet to be posted.
Bring on more contests I may even try myself one day.

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated in this contest. There were so many great entries that it was really hard, for me anyways , to vote for just one. I consider all who entered winners. I’m sure they all learned a lot and I know I enjoyed seeing the development of their pieces. And I bet they had fun doing them. What I don’t like about contests or awards is that some people are chosen winners and other are considered losers. What I do like about contests like this is it gives people a reason to do work that they may not have done otherwise and that is a good thing. Thanks to Pixologic and Wacom for giving all of these talented artists a reason to do all of this fun work. Again congratulations to everyone you are all winners in my book.

monstermaker: I could not have said it better! I certainly learned alot and did plenty I might never have done otherwise.

Bravo to all who entered. And on behalf of those who had just started in ZBrush and/or the world of 3D digital art, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped us newbies along the way.