Scared Silly Contest: Winners have been announced!

Awesome! sounds like fun.
I guess i’m gonna have to start sketching…
A Cintiq would be niiice… hmmmmmm.
Good luck to everyone! :+1:

This sounds fun! Seems really hard to think of something that isn’t hackneyed or cliched though. :confused:

I’ll just have to keep brainstorming…

CintiQ! Drool! I’m in, and thanks for this opportunity Pixologic!

Question: Clarification regarding “majority of work in ZB”. Creating the base mesh’s in another application, but sculpting/paint/texture/pose/render in ZB, and post processing in photoshop is A)accepteble, and B) won’t incur any bias whatsoever in the judging?


i am gonna have fun

Yes, that would put the majority of the work within ZBrush. Thanks for checking. :slight_smile:


Oh, how cool is this!!! I hope I can find time for this one!

…although, in the future, Pixologic, could you please not schedule your challenges the same month that Halo 3 is released?

Are there any specs on final image size/resolution? I know the limits for posting on ZBrushCentral, but are there criteria for the final image?

Blimey! A Cintiq and Special Edition Wacoms.
Nice that the halloween challanges become official. After all these years.

But I’m not sure if I can produce an award winning pic in such a short time. What with all the hubub of modern life zooming past.

How much of a non ZBrushness is allowed on these images? I mean, like Maya base detailed in ZB and rendered in maya with the bells and whistles using normal map like alex alvarez’s scary jester guy? then Photoshopped? To ad more details and background etc? I know this sorta workflow’s been asked but, I’m not sure if a majority of zbrushness established there on alex’s workflow.
Or does it have to be ZB render? is innudeability enforced? (To put it bluntly, no porn?) How violent and gore can a sillyfully “scary” halloween entry be? (I mean, them monstermaker pic over at the beta forum is really spooky to me, but we are in the age of movies like Saw getting parodied in that sorta funny Movie that aims to scare people)
And something for our poser friends: Can poser figures be used in there?

Scared silly scared silly… hmm…

Sorry for the combo Q’s I’m too excited. :smiley: Too much coffee today.

PS> Can we have an entry thread without the title “Scared Silly by somebody somebody etc.”? I mean, after several entry, they’re all titled “Scared Silly by somebody somebody etc.”

Nice idea for a comp & nice prizes too, looking forward to seeing some wips… :smiley:

Go with the largest size that you can manage for your finished image. When it comes time to do the judging, we’ll provide links to the high resolution version so that people can really see the detail.

this is a very interesting and challenging contest, thank you Pixologic for the first official contest

SOunds fun and Id like to enter but have a question. You put alot of emphasis on having a licensed registered version of ZBrush so I assume this will be checked for any winners, which is valid, however I dont own ZBrush myself at home (my computer can’t run it, its old and sad). I will be doing all the work on the computers at Gnomon where I am currently taking classes. Would this be ok or do we need to have our own purchased license of the software to enter?

So a quick question does this mean that it has to feature Iconic halloween characters or like for example in Costa Rica where I live they have a lot of Monster fables not related to halloween persay but Monsters none the less would they be acceptable?

Darn, I thought I would get ahead of the game and already did a couple of Halloween images knowing that you always have a Halloween thread at this time. I guess I’ll just post them later in a different thread.
Actually I did them for a Halloween based art show that I and several other ZBrushers are involved in along with about 60 artists of all kinds. I guess I shouldn’t post my work until that show opens anyways.
I must say I’m glad to see ZBC doing this and I will be closely following the progress

You must use legal copies of all software. But working at a friend’s house or school is acceptable. Thanks for checking. :slight_smile:

There is no requirement to use iconic characters. You can use any character that is in the public domain, or make something up completely. So using your country’s monster fables is perfectly fine.

Great idea and cool prizes Aurick - nice one :+1:

Really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful pieces that will undoubtedly emerge from this :smiley:


Hi Aurick! Quick question, What are the rules concerning using premade assets in our entries?
By this I mean does the entry piece have to be entirely created after the start of the contest or can we incorporate older models or current WIPs into a new piece for the contest?
I was going to do a halloween themed pic for fun with a current wip before the contest started and I was wondering if i could use that wip model as the starting place for an entry?
Thanks for your time. :slight_smile: