Scared Silly by Yuri Vachutinsky

This is my first time taking part in such challenge (:

So, here’s my first skatch:

U all familliar with classic “kid scared by a monster under his bad”, i’ll try to make the opposite (:

I’ll make it in zBrush.
All will be made by mouse, witch is the reason i want to win badly (:






wow just wonderful. Love the idea, and especially the concept art. That pic got me laughing very hard. Really great. can’t wait to see the finished work.

hi, Really funny concept…& a nice sketch.

gud luck:lol:

Nice concept… I would cover a little more of the underside of the bed with the blanket…
Maybe don’t go with the spikes on the bed posts… they make the monster seem more aggressive than I think your going to want to portray. And give him a stuffed monster toy. Maybe he dropped it on the floor and the baby is reaching out to grab it…

Also you might try keeping the bed relatively straight… Currently it adds motion in an unnecessary manner.

I’ll be following this one…

Thanks for advice, i’ll bear it in mind, especially the toy idea. thanks (:

Thank you all, i’ll work harder in order to not disappoint you (:

okay, i started with very raugh zsphere model.

Then, by using standart, smooth, blob and snake hoock brushes i gave it some basic details:

Then i made a part of blanket just to see how will it look like. I made it from simple box.




LOL, that’s some cool modeling. The hands grasping the blacket look really good.

jejeje… really the kid gives fear. I will have nightmares tonight!

My entry here


Thrill wirh horror, he’s under u’r bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I just started :slight_smile:



I really like the quality of your renderings, they look very clean and clear!:cool:

i like this alot, its got a great, feel to it already. good luck.

Tiny update again :slight_smile:



Hey Klesh if you increase the resolution/subdivision of the eyes(spheres) the pixolation"jaggies you are seeing will diminish greatly.

I love the momsters expressions.
Looking forward to more.

Pete B

Hi all (: I added the bed. Made in 3dmax7 and exported to zbrush.
i tried to make the bed as big as possible to show how lonely and defenseless he is, but also compact.


I dont like the eye’s, but also i don’t have any idea how to fix it…



That is really something! :slight_smile:

Your sculpture is so close to your sketches it’s just amazing, and really well carried out!

About the eyes. I like them! They’re different, and I think they’re pretty expressive as they are actually, bugging out and all. I’m thinking ‘fear’ when I look at the poor beast. I don’t know what you might want to add to them for more expression. Perhaps some raised brows would emphasize more fear?

Anyway, really super work thus far! Amazing!

Keep it up, Yuri!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sooo, i added pupil’s to the eye’s. I think it’s much better this way.

And i started the young one. Again very rough basic mesh made from zSpheres:

Thank you.
I’m glad u like it: If some one likes it - it’s worth to continue the work (:




Hi again :slight_smile:



This is turning out very well! The moster eyes look alot better! Adding pupils did the trick. Keep up the good work!