Scared Silly by Jason Belec

Oh this looks like fun! I’m going to ‘borrow’ time from current projects and try to whip something up for this.

Perhaps some of you could choose the idea I should go for from these two… :wink:

  1. Kid in hallway returning from candy run on Halloween…
    EDIT: Kid on porch outside house after ringing doorbell…

  2. Kid in crazy costume (with mask on top of head) cooking up ‘Alien’ eggs (yes the movie ‘Alien’)…

I’ll work on the lighting setup first as it will apply to both, while I wait for some votes… :wink:

I really like all the submissions so far, such a wonderful way to draw people out of their virtual shells. :wink:


Picture 3.jpg

Picture 4.jpg

Hey, i think aliens one sounds a goer. A couple of ideas that came to mind tho, have a couple of or just one, face hugger, running away from the pan, and then the boy grabbing its tail to bring it back, and the hugger is trying to grap onto the table cos it doesnt want to be fried. or have a string above with hanging baby aliens or huggers, like ducks you see hanging in chinese meat stores etc. just an idea anyways. Good luck :slight_smile:

I like concept one-- I assume String Thing was disguised as the candy the kid bagged on his run?! lol

I also like the Ray Bradbury-era costume. Kinda headed for a ‘Norman Rockwell Gone Mad’ look, eh?

Great! I like them both. Perhaps 1 just scrapes my vote. :slight_smile:

Ok cool, I’m leaning toward 1 myself and yes it does have Ray Bradbury era influences, I’ve been a little obsessed with the creativity of the past as of late.

The ‘string thing’ actually is coming out of the house after he rings the bell. It’s the darkness that haunts all dreams and is always present warring with the light to get close to you, to wrap around you, until it is you. After all that is what Halloween is about, it just never actually happens… Moments of creepiness on dark streets, ringing the doorbells of complete strangers to get silly candy. Oh that just screams visualization in this modern age. I liked the space suit idea for the kid as it puts him in a self contained world which offers so much.

I did rework ideas for 2, and I like the possibilities when moving the camera around to be looking over the stove at the kid who is about to ‘crack’ an egg and with a face hugger escaping the egg behind him - really sets the funny-scary scene. All lit from the lights over the stove, darkness surrounding…

I’ll decide later today and work the rough scene and lighting up on Zbrush. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback and of course anyone else can chime in…

Hi Jason,

I would vote for No.2, the alien-egg-cooking.
This theme has a lot of different scary as well as funny options. :+1:

Oh I like them both but 2. has more possiblities such as maybe an alien popping out of the egg and the alien egg chef beating it down with a spatula? Just a thought but like I said like both concepts.

Hello Jason,

Good luck for the contest.


Ralf Stumpf

Hi Jason,

Good to see something from you and your participation makes this more serious and important.

Both concepts and drawings look good. It seems to me that they were drawn in regular paper and scanned,…I too still feel better when I draw in traditional media.
Looking forward to see the development of your work.

kid at the door all the way. love the space suit idea and it makes for alot of possible perspectives to work from.

Hey J,

I would go for option #1… although I think the “string/alien-ish-tentacles” would be about to strike and the kid is absolutely unaware of it’s menacing presence while making a “trick” for not receiving a treat with a malicious grin.
Like you said, I remmember the lonely streets being one of the scariest things about Halloween… just my 2 cents :wink:

Although the really scary thing is waiting for the WK updates (inside joke… just couldn’t help it) :lol:

Take care J

Well golly gee people, thanks. Will try to find time in next day or two to post up a set/lighting test then on to the characters. Yes I sometimes still doodle on paper on a small pad beside me. I then use my iPhone to capture the images 'cause it’s fun. I’m usually doing this while several systems are very busy so I can’t use them directly. Ah, the life. And WK updates will be coming, we had a meeting about that today actually, so I’m getting things ramped up… :wink:

Any updates J? Eagerly waiting for them :+1: … ok, patience, patience :wink:

Next day or two man, sorry been a little insane around here. Been working a deal for about 18 months and it finally signed for some serious scratch. So I’m just finalizing a few things, then I’ll have a few updates to start posting, just haven’t had time to render even. :wink:

Hi Jason,

Either of those look to be cool ideas to me :+1:

Perhaps number 2 has more scope for the ‘scared silly’ factor…

Hope you do get time to whip something special up for all of us to see!



i am looking forward to your finished peice and the progress!

Me too! Was hoping to have more time to really get into things, small bump in the road, but picking up speed again… :wink:

Get to work Jason. I love seeing what you come up with.

My apologies, been swamped sooner than expected. I will get it done, but I think I’m in violation of the rules, so this will just be for fun. I’m hoping to have a full day this weekend to put things together, do some renders and get close to finished. :wink:

Hi, Jason, I too like the Egg Cooking. I rushed mine through without reading the rules about W.I.P. so I’m out, but the fun was worth it. Hope you can find time to finish.