Scared silly by Carsten Lind

I doubt I will be finished on time, but hoepfully I will get a few hours between diaper changes and work.

Concept Description:

I will make a Monster character, who is scared beyond belief, by the sight of the cutest little furry mouse.
The monster will probarbly be standing on a chair

Concept sketch on its way …

I will be using the following software:
Zbrush 3.1 (doh)
Silo 2,
Maya 8.5
And photoshop.

great! Funny that was the very first idea that entered my head :lol: Will be following the development for sure!

Don’t let the timeframe pressure you. Even if you don’t finish in time for the deadline, do it anyway, it’s all about the fun. :smiley:

Good luck! :wink:

Concept sketch for the mouse Concept-mouse.jpg

Very cute, and funny.

I like the look on his face, if he is completely oblibious to scaring the monster, all the funnier. :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing the monster.

Heh heh … fun concept. Good luck in the competition.

:laughing: funny concept :laughing: :smiley:

good luck :+1: :+1: :+1:

nice idea, love the mouse, you’ve got a great animation style.

heres the concept for the monster… The idea is a kinda squidlike creature, but still a biped… ehmm… Drawing probarbly explains better


hahaha that mouse kicks ass! man I wish I could draw :frowning:
looking forward to the model

Sounds like a Classic :+1: :+1:

Gotta love that mouse.

Thanks - I hope to be able to start this week on the actual modeling of the mouse… and due to my sparse spare time, I might be forced to rethink the concept …

Though I will keep the mouse, but the scenery might change a bit…

Work on the mouse has begun…



And the mesh that I wanna bring into silo & maya for remeshing and detaling.

I usually bring the model back and forth a few times before I start the actual detailing in zbrush



looking awesome!!! great!! Keep it up :smiley:


Love the sketches and its really good to see the quick Zsphere model shaping up to be the base for the mouse, just wish I had more time to learn how to use them (along with the rest of Zbrush) myself for this competition.

I do Hope you find time to complete this, what sort of viewing angle are you thinking of, are we looking from Mouse closeup and large back at the terrified monster or is the mouse gonna be small with the monster on the chir filling most of the frame?

Thanks :smiley:

I havnt really decided on the composition yet… I am also thinking of reworking the concept completely, so that it will be the mouse who is scared beacuse YOU, the viewed, is watching the mouse!

I am leaning more and more to this… So I am thinking that I would see your shadow over the mouse.

A little update…

I exported the Adaptive mesh, and cleaned it a little in Maya then back in Zbrush. I amd currently doodling on the model, to find the right shape.



Withdrawing my entry, deadlines nearing so its impossible for me to finish or even work on it…

Besides, I am on a mac, so using boot camp all the time makes it even harder just to open the program and then make a few doodles.

Good luck to the rest of you.

Shame to see you go!

Maybe you’d consider finishing this even after the comp is over? be nice to see!